Who Needs An SEO Audit?

Every website, irrespective of its age or niche, can significantly benefit from website SEO audit services.

Whether your website is a seasoned player or a new entrant in the online realm, there is always room for refinement to boost its organic performance.

Your business may need an SEO technical audit for various reasons. Perhaps your website isn’t ranking high enough on search engine results pages (SERPs) of Google or Bing, which makes your online visibility nearly non-existent. Maybe you’ve experienced an unexpected drop in rankings and are clueless about the cause. Or, your website might not be attracting the organic traffic you aim for, and you wish to gain momentum to outshine your rivals.

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How Much Does An SEO Audit Cost?

Our pricing is simple and transparent.

Typically, comprehensive technical SEO audits take between 6-8 hours for smaller sites, and 8-12 hours for larger websites or sophisticated e-commerce platforms. This estimate encompasses the time required to perform technical SEO audits, analyse site metrics, compile our report, send it to you, and subsequently discuss our findings.

Once the technical SEO audit is finalised, there is no obligation for further engagement. The audit report is yours to keep and can be taken anywhere. You can choose to implement the recommendations yourself or enlist a competent friend or staff member to assist.

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What Does A Concise SEO Audit Involve?

Our SEO audits are completed by our in-house SEO team. We take a systematic approach to ensure we are covering all the factors that influence search rankings for your particular website.

How Do We Do It?

We harness an arsenal of SEO audit tools, checklists, and software to pinpoint elements that could be impeding your website’s enhanced organic performance. Our analysis also includes benchmarking your competitors, particularly in areas such as site speed and backlink profiles, enabling you to comprehend why they might be outranking you in search engine results.

As a technical SEO consultant, we utilise the most advanced SEO analysis tools to identify issues and uncover valuable data. We then translate these insights into a detailed and prioritised action plan, which is discussed with you.

It’s vital to note that these reports are manually curated and not automated. You get our carefully considered expert recommendations, and not some automated dump from SEO software that tells you nothing about what to do next. Our SEO specialists invest their expertise to ensure the audit improves your SEO performance and guides you in making informed decisions.

What's Included In Our SEO Audit?

In our SEO audit service, we cover a range of areas. You can explore what makes up these sections below.

  • Tracking
  • Delivery
  • Infrastructure
  • Site Architecture
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page/Backlinks
  • Local SEO
  • User Experience


Focusing on improving your organic performance is great, but you need to be able to tell if what you are doing is working. To gather this data, you need to have tracking set up on your website. We do the following:

  • Check if Google Analytics, Google Search Console & Google Tag Manager are set up.
  • Check for duplicate tracking codes
  • Test goals in Google Analytics & check for errors in set up
  • Provide suggestions for new goals to track & e-commerce tracking (if applicable)


We analyse your website focusing on speed, security, and mobile responsiveness. Key technical elements assessed include:

  • Site Load Time: Evaluating load times on mobile and desktop to optimise user experience and search rankings.
  • HTTP Issues: Identifying and resolving any HTTP-related issues for enhanced security and performance.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Ensuring your site is adaptable and performs seamlessly on mobile devices.
  • Core Web Vitals: Analysing Core Web Vitals for loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability.
  • Leverage Browser Caching: Optimising browser caching to significantly improve page speed.


Infrastructure encompasses factors such as the crawlability of your website by search engine spiders and the structured markup. In this area of the site audit, some of the typical elements covered include:

  • Indexation analysis
  • Canonicalisation
  • XML sitemap
  • Robots.txt
  • Errors (404s)
  • Redirects
  • Google penalties
  • Internal linking
  • Open graph tags
  • Schema tags
  • URL Parameters
  • Click Depth
  • Pagination
Site Architecture

Site Architecture

This section takes a comprehensive deep-dive into the way your website is structured and categorised, encompassing technical SEO auditing elements vital for search engines. This includes examining components such as:

  • URL Structure: Analysing the formatting and keyword richness of URLs, ensuring they are search engine friendly.
  • Navigation: Assessing the navigational elements for user-friendliness and optimisation.
  • Sub-topical Organisation: Reviewing how content is organised into sub-topics for better site structure.
On-page SEO

On-page SEO

On-page SEO involves conducting on-page SEO checks to thoroughly examine key on-page factors that influence your search placement. In this section, we meticulously analyse your web pages, focusing on vital on-page factors to ascertain if they are optimised effectively.

  • Meta Descriptions: Analysing for engaging and pertinent meta descriptions.
  • Title Tags: Review title tags for relevancy and optimisation.
  • Keyword Density & Placement: Reviewing density to prevent keyword stuffing and ensuring strategic keyword placement
  • Content Quality: Assessing readability and originality, checking for duplicate content.
  • Image Optimisation: Reviewing poor images and opportunities for optimisation.


We conduct an off-site SEO backlink audit to evaluate the quality and quantity of links from other web pages pointing to your domain.

  • Domain Authority: Assessing domain authority as a measure of how well your site may rank in search engine results.
  • Broken Backlinks: Identifying and rectifying any broken links that can impact keyword rankings.
  • Spammy Links: Checking for spammy or low-quality links that can harm your site’s reputation.

This analysis is crucial in building authority and improving search engine rankings.

Local SEO

Local SEO

In the Local SEO section of our report, we conduct a focused analysis of how your website performs in local search results. Through a technical SEO audit, we assess what you’re currently doing effectively and identify what you could be doing to enhance your local presence. We closely look at areas such as:

  • Your Google Business Profile Listing
  • How your website is optimised for local search
  • How your website appears in different Map platforms
  • Citations
User Experience

User Experience

Improving your search engine optimization (SEO) can drive organic traffic to your website, but a positive user experience is crucial to converting these visitors into customers. Even if you rank well for your target keywords, without a strong user experience, your website’s performance may fall short in conversion.

In this section, we assess the hurdles and barriers your customers might encounter on your site, along with potential enhancements to increase conversions. A part of our SEO audit is a quick review of user experience, and for more in-depth insights, we offer a detailed review as an optional extra.

We explore areas like:

  • The use and placement of call-to-action elements
  • Testing of forms and other conversion actions
  • Evaluation of shopping catalogue and checkout processes
  • Trust factors including credentials, contact details, testimonials, privacy policies, and author authority

Remember, user experience metrics are increasingly vital as ranking factors in technical SEO, so it’s essential to prioritise this aspect.

Find Out How Well Your Website Performs

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Our SEO Audit Service Process

Step 1

The first step before we can provide our SEO audit services is to schedule a consultation with us, which can be conducted via phone or video call.

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Step 2

Initially, our SEO specialists will examine your website performance, gaining an understanding of its size, complexity, and organic search traffic.

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Step 3

To ensure we get things right the first time and use our time efficiently, we ask that you fill in our SEO brief.

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Step 4

One of our SEO specialists will manually conduct your technical SEO audit.

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Step 5

If you decide to have us implement some or all recommendations from the website audit, we’ll outline the estimated time for each task.

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Why Choose US?

We Can Audit All<br>Website Builders

We Can Audit All
Website Builders

We’ve had experience auditing a variety of platforms including Shopify, PrestaShop, WordPress, and more. Each platform comes with its unique SEO constraints and setups and ways to deal with them. We understand these differences and will highlight these in your audit report.

We Are a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

We Are a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we have experienced web developers and SEO specialists who can carry out all the actions recommended in your SEO audit report. This includes everything from SEO copywriting to technical SEO fixes.

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We Put It in<br> Plain English

We Put It in
Plain English

Yes, a technical SEO analysis can be complicated, but we always explain things in layman’s terms and will use as many analogies as we possibly can to ensure you understand what is being done and why. We keep it simple and avoid confusing you further with unnecessary technical lingo.

Put Our SEO Audit Service To the Test.

Considering engaging our SEO services? An SEO audit is a fantastic opportunity to sample our work quality and service before deciding on more comprehensive or ongoing services.

It could be beneficial to get audits from multiple technical SEO agencies for comparison and a second opinion.

Ultimately, we want you to feel confident in choosing us. Regardless of your decision, our SEO audit leaves you with a comprehensive action plan to enhance your search performance.

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    Have a Question About Our SEO Audit Service?

    What Access Is Required to Carry Out an SEO Audit Service?

    To provide a comprehensive and insightful technical SEO audit we will need access to your Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager.

    If these are not set up, we will recommend having these created in your audit.

    What Happens After I Get My Audit?

    Should you want us to enact the changes suggested in your SEO audit, we’re equipped to do so. This could form part of a regular monthly SEO strategy or we can perform certain tasks on an ad hoc basis. Some recommendations such as keyword research may be one-time actions, while others may be ongoing.

    For instance, producing high-quality content is an ongoing task essential for SEO performance. Search engines favour websites that frequently update with valuable content. Whether you decide to create content or need assistance, our team of specialist writers stands ready to help, delivering top-tier content for our clients as part of our SEO audit services.

    Who Implements the Recommendations Set Out in the Audit?

    The choice of who implements the audit’s recommendations is entirely yours, with no obligation to use our SEO audit services for any of the work we identify.

    Depending on your specific audit results, typically SEO-related tasks will be performed by technical SEO consultants, experienced web developers, and content writers.

    If you’re equipped to handle any or most of the tasks we identify, that’s brilliant. All that’s required is the time, know-how, and skills to execute the work accurately.

    How Long After Implementing the Recommendations Would I See Results?

    This will depend on how many recommendations you decide to implement. Normally our priority actions will give you some quick wins such as adding internal links, while other recommendations may be more of a longer-term game. Check out our SEO scams to avoid hiring an SEO agency that promises the world, but doesn’t deliver.

    What If I Don’t Want a Comprehensive Audit but Would Like Specific Areas Looked At?

    We are happy to customise our SEO audit service to fit your requests. You may have a specific problem you want investigated. Or you may already be aware of the errors on your site and simply want advice on how to fix them.

    Why Opt for an SEO Agency Over Online SEO Analysis Tools for My Audit?

    While online SEO tools can be useful, without an understanding of technical SEO, interpreting the errors and implementing solutions can be challenging.

    Think of it as self-diagnosing an illness online – it’s often confusing and could lead to unnecessary worry. Going to a doctor you trust can quickly pinpoint the right course of action for you. In the same way, an SEO agency like ours, offering professional SEO audit services, can accurately identify your website’s SEO issues and prioritise actions effectively.

    Web developers, while instrumental in fixing technical SEO issues, aren’t always SEO experts. It’s possible for a developer to unintentionally create the very issues they’re later asked to solve. Our technical SEO audit team not only identifies and understands these problems but also communicates them clearly to the developers, ensuring proper resolution.

    Automated SEO tools often fail to prioritise the issues, which can lead to impractical and costly solutions. We focus on prioritising significant issues and suggesting cost-effective strategies.

    Lastly, we don’t solely rely on one tool. We cross-verify using a variety of tools to ensure accuracy before finalising your audit results.

    I Am on a Limited Budget, Can I Still Get an SEO Audit?

    Definitely, yes. An extensive SEO audit is a crucial step towards elevating your website’s return on investment.

    Our experience has shown that thorough SEO audits, complemented with prioritised action plans, form the backbone of successful organic search performance in Google and other search engines and are fundamental to effective digital marketing strategies.

    Regardless of a restricted budget, this comprehensive method to enhance your site’s SEO remains the optimal route. We can conduct the website audit, offering a payment plan tailored to your cash flow requirements.

    Alternatively, we can provide an abbreviated initial audit with a ‘fast-track’ approach. We’ll examine your site for SEO basics and highlight any immediate fixes or potential quick wins. This provides a strong foundation, which you can build upon later, ensuring you’re in step with search algorithms.

    Is an SEO Audit a One-Time Task, or Do You Need to Conduct Technical SEO Checks Repeatedly?

    The initial website audit is a one-time task, yet considering the constant algorithm changes by search engines (like Google), it’s beneficial to conduct what we refer to as a ‘mini audit’ roughly every six months.

    These can be integrated into your SEO strategy if you decide to proceed with our services. These mini audits ensure your website stays current with any new modifications to how Google compiles its index and ranking in the search results, thereby maintaining your visibility online amidst evolving search algorithms.

    Where Do You Offer SEO Audit Services?

    Our SEO audit services are available nationwide, thanks to our specialist team residing in various parts of Australia. We have SEO experts in Perth, Geelong, and Joondalup, ready to serve your needs.

    Say Hello

    Please contact us any time for help with your website, online store or digital marketing solutions. With 50+ team members across 6 time zones, we can usually respond quickly.

    If you are a client of Concise and have any hosting issues, our in-house technical infrastructure support team is available for clients 24/7.