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Google Business Profile (GBP), formerly known as Google My Business (GMB) is a powerful acquisition tool and an essential part of local SEO. On this page, we will be using the terms ‘Google My Business’ and ‘Google Business Profile’ interchangeably as they both refer to the same tool, and the change of name to Google Business Profile is recent.

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Get Your Google Profile Optimised

What Is a Google Business Profile?

A Google Business Profile is a FREE business listing that helps customers connect with you in Google Search and Maps. It’s a free tool that can help drive more website traffic, gain more sales, and attract new customers.

Your listing is like a business directory listing with lots of cool features.

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Why Is a Google Business Listing a Must for Local Businesses?

Without a Google My Business listing, you will not show up in Google’s Local Pack or Google Maps. Google may still present your information in Google’s Knowledge Panel, but this info will be auto-created from what Google finds out about your business on the web, and may include incomplete, missing, or incorrect information.

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What's the Secret to Success?

The more up-to-date and useful your Google business profile listing is, the more Google will favour it. Why? Because Google’s main goal is to provide the best possible experience for its users.

So if your business location and information are all up-to-date and your listing offers additional value compared to your competitor’s listings, it makes sense for Google to reward you with increased visibility in search results with local intent. Google provides many ways to achieve better local rankings in Maps and Search, but it’s up to each individual local business to capitalise on these GMB features.

What’s Included in Google Business Profile Management Service by Concise Digital?

As part of our SEO services, we offer a strategic Google My Business management service to optimise your Google business profile so that you can win more local customers. Whether you need local SEO services in Geelong or improved local rankings in Joondalup Perth, we go beyond improving your profile to ensure you will convert users.

Our Google My Business management service is normally included as a component of your overall SEO campaign if you are targeting a specific location(s). But here at Concise, we are very flexible.

This means you can utilise our local SEO experts and their Google Business profile expert advice without having to engage all of our SEO services. Or you can simply get training on how to optimise your GMB listing yourself if you’d prefer to do Google Business profile management in-house.

  • Set-up & Verification

    We can help you create a Google Business Profile and verify it. If your listing already exists and you cannot edit or access the account, we can help you claim it.

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  • Implement Information Updates

    If something changes in your business such as your opening hours or phone number, it’s important to request edits so that these changes can be quickly updated on your GMB profile and listing.

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  • Strategic Posts Across All Locations

    Strategic posts can give your Google My Business page greater exposure. These can be news updates or information on events you may be running or answers to frequently asked questions.

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  • Adding Products & Services

    When it comes to adding products and services to your GMB listing, it’s essential that the information and linking are correct. There are also other strategies you can employ here to increase your visibility for local searches and make your business stand out to improve your search rankings.

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  • Checking For Updates & Changes to the Platform

    As part of our Google My Business Management service, we can monitor your profile. Sometimes Google will add or remove features from Google My Business, so our Google My Business expert team will keep an eye on these changes and let you know how they affect you and your business/businesses.

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  • Google Review Management

    Managing your reviews is crucial to both your online reputation and how well you perform in Google Search Results & Maps. We are experts at online review management and can reply to both the good and bad on your behalf, as well as provide a custom review strategy to help you earn reviews after making sales or providing a service.

  • Adding Photos & Videos

    Google Business pages that contain quality photos and video content are more likely to be chosen by users and generate more traffic (and so more potential customers or potential clients) compared with those profiles that don’t.

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  • Creating Events & Promotions

    Our marketing team know the ins and outs of creating events and promotions within GMB listings. We will ensure this content aligns with your other marketing efforts for your website and business.

Take Your Google My Business Profile To The Next Level

Our Simple & Effective Method For More Google Reviews

We know Google reviews are an important factor that influences rankings in local search results. So we definitely need them, but how do we get them?

We offer an effective and easy way to get more reviews from more customers/clients, using only a simple link. For a small fee, we give you an easy-to-remember link that you can provide to your clients in person, over the phone, in email and in texts. This link will take your customer directly to Google to leave a review for your business on either desktop or mobile devices.

You have two options to choose from when it comes to the format of the link.

Option A – charges businesses $20/year as it has a hosting cost to set up and run. This link format is easier to remember, but a more expensive option due to the yearly renewal cost.

Option B – does not have a hosting cost for businesses, so we charge you a once-off cost of half an hours work to setup. This is the cheaper option, but with a less memorable link format.

As an example, below is the link we share with our clients to help Concise gain more Google reviews:

If you click on this link, you will be taken straight to Google to leave a review. Super easy, right?

Why Choose
Concise Digital

  • No Lock-in Contracts

    No Lock-in Contracts

    No Lock-in Contracts

    We have no lock-in contracts or tricky ‘Terms and Conditions’. For example, you may only want us to help with the initial set-up of your Google profile page and then want to take it from there and that’s completely fine! And in the future, if you need any further help you can simply get in touch with no strings attached.

  • Google Business Experts

    Google Business Experts

    Google Business Experts

    Google Business is a relatively easy way to increase your rankings in Google Maps and Search and attract more local potential customers and drive website traffic. There is a lot you can do with GMB, and there are many ways to optimise your listing to reach its potential.

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  • Affordable Google My Business Management Services

    Affordable Google My Business Management Services

    Affordable Google My Business Management Services

    Our pricing is simple and transparent. Our hourly rate is $120/hr + GST. This rate is reduced to $110/hr if you can set up payment by direct debit. (We save money on admin, and we pass this saving on to you with a lower rate.)

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    Have a Question About Google My Business?

    How Much Does Our Google My Business Management Cost?

    We work on an hourly rate here at Concise, regardless of the type of service. If you have an SEO campaign with us, and GMB is a part of your strategy we will dedicate a certain number of hours to managing it each month. If you opted for just GMB management, then you can choose how many hours you would like spent on this each month. It’s completely up to you, and we will always try to cater to your budget.

    Where Does My Google My Business Profile Display?

    Your GMB profile can display in different places and areas including Google Search and Google Maps. In Google Search, you will see local businesses appear in what is commonly referred to as the ‘local pack’ or ‘map pack’ and in the Google Knowledge Panel. Google Maps includes both the app, desktop and mobile web version.

    Can I Still Use Google My Business if I Don’t Have a Business Shop Front?

    Yes – Google My Business is available to both businesses with a physical location and for businesses that travel to visit customers where they are. So if you are a service-area business you can still benefit from having a GMB profile.

    Google does advise against a Google My Business account if you are purely an online business. If you are however a physical store with an eCommerce website, then you are eligible.

    Do I Need a Google My Business Profile if I Am Exclusively an Online Service or Store?

    No – if your business is purely online, you will not need Google My Business management. GMB profiles have a specific purpose – to only show up for searches that have local intent.

    For example, if you searched ‘baby shops’ you are likely looking for physical locations close to you.

    Should I have a Google My Business Profile for Each Location?

    Yes – since each store will be in a different location and have different details. You can have all your listings in one profile to make it easy to manage, provided you create them under the one Gmail account. If you have 10 or more locations you can use bulk location management. This means you can add, verify and manage all 10+ locations all at once.

    What Influences My Listing Showing in Google Search & Maps

    Google will evaluate your listing based on several factors including:

    • The proximity of the user – Google will always deliver businesses that are close to where the search is being undertaken.
    • The completeness of your listing – i.e adding photos, videos, logos, operating hours, business attributes. Not only does this signal to Google that you are trustworthy, it also helps the user see you that way.
    • How frequent your updates are – this includes how regularly you add posts, photos, etc.
    • How responsive you are to customers – this includes answering reviews, questions and messages if you have this set up.
    • The quantity, average star rating and genuineness of your reviews

    What to Do if You Operate Your Business From Home, but Don’t Want Your Address Public?

    It is possible to remove your physical address and present your business as a service-area business. So as long as you set the right service areas, i.e Perth, Western Australia, you will still be found by searchers looking in your service areas.

    If you work from home and have clients come to your business but also do business in other states or countries for example, then use your Google My Business profile to target your main target customers, and use other local SEO techniques to reach other areas.

    Creating GMB profiles for different locations you service will not work as it confuses Google as to which to display in Search and Maps. This tactic will only harm your local visibility. This does not apply if you have stores in multiple locations.

    Can the Public Make Changes to My GMB Listing?

    Yes – this is because in the instance that owners of a business don’t keep their information updated, Google can rely on crowd-sourcing to get better information.

    However, sometimes the public will accidentally or purposely request changes to your information which can disadvantage you in the case that it’s not rectified quickly. Imagine your business hours are changed, and you suddenly get no customers for a particular day. That’s why it’s important to actively manage your profile as it’s such a powerful tool in earning local customers.

    What Happens if My Business is Located Within Another Business?

    If your business is located within a building, shopping centre etc you can still have your own GMB listing. In your Knowledge Panel, there will be a section that says ‘Located In:’. So say you were a shop inside a shopping centre, you would have your shop address and it would state that the shop is located in X shopping centre.

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