Our Email Marketing Approach

Concise Digital will build your email marketing campaigns based on our research and your business objectives. Typically, there are five steps in the campaign build process:

Step 1


We plan a fully automated campaign or email sequence, outline the logic behind your campaigns and how your contact list will grow based on our recommendations.

Step 2


We design the email template or series of templates with laser-focused content that your customers will want to read.

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Step 3

Lists & Segments

With the latest email marketing automation, it’s now possible to target one person at a time or your entire contact list without any manual updates.

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Step 4

Testing & Revisions

Before we launch a campaign, we work with you to test and revise all templates content and images. We confirm all audiences, send schedules and deploy the campaigns.

Step 5

Reporting & Recommendations

Once your campaigns have been running for one month, we send ongoing monthly reports on your email marketing campaign performance.

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Email Marketing Services

  • Targeted Product/Service & Newsletter Campaigns

    Email Marketing platforms now use algorithms to understand your customers’ preferences and purchase behaviours.

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  • Customised Audience & List Segmentation

    It is essential to tailor your email marketing content to each customer.

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  • Email Template Design & Graphic Design

    Concise Digital provides high-quality graphic design to help keep your readers interested and wanting to read more. A poorly designed email template may get deleted by customers without being read if they perceive the email to be spam due to its low-quality design.

  • Personalised, Highly Targeted Content Production

    When customers receive your email, they want to know what’s in it for them. Sending generalised content aimed at a broad audience could soon leave your readers bored.

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  • Email Sequence & Drip Campaign Automation

    Email marketing automation makes it easy to build and nurture customer relationships with people who have subscribed to your email list.

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Welcome Email

Newsletter Email



Customer Retention/VIP/Loyalty

Abandoned Cart

Many of the above templates are interchangeable and once you have saved one template from a campaign it’s very easy to reuse the same template for a new campaign.

Email Marketing & Development All In-House

At Concise, we don’t outsource your email marketing to third parties. Concise Digital manages all of your email marketing campaigns, and all of the design, writing and technical expertise is available from in-house specialists on the Concise Digital email marketing team.

This integrated ‘Solution-Focused’ approach to email marketing works to efficiently deliver better results for you and your business.

Content Writers

Content Writers

To help optimise how your emails get noticed, opened, read and responded to.

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Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers

Because quality design, images and graphics make a massive difference to attract and hold the readers’ attention.

Web Developers

Web Developers

There may be clever coding necessary so your emails don’t end up in spam folders.

SEO Specialists

SEO Specialists

To analyse your content and your target audience and make sure everything is done to optimise how your business appears in Google.

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Social Media Specialists

Social Media Specialists

To help you use socials to support and complement your email marketing messages, and to coordinate your content marketing across relevant social media platforms.

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Email Marketing Specialists

Email Marketing Specialists

to help manage your email marketing campaigns, coordinating the team that builds, executes and monitors your campaigns, and to provide regular monthly reporting to continuously improve your results.

Why Choose Us for Email Marketing Services

We are Honest

We are Honest

With us, there is no BS.
(It’s a little different from some other digital marketing agencies.)

No Lock-in<br> Contracts

No Lock-in

We don’t have long-term contracts to lock you in.
Stay as long as you are happy.

Affordable Email Marketing Services

Affordable Email Marketing Services

We help you choose the most affordable email marketing software for the best ROI.


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    Have a Question About Email Marketing?

    Can Concise Digital Work With Existing Email Marketing Software?

    Yes, we can work with most email marketing platforms. If you would like Concise Digital to work with your existing platform, we will need to review the current platform settings and email marketing campaigns to eliminate technical errors.

    Can I Do Some Email Marketing Myself?

    Yes, we can set up a campaign for you to DIY so you can update or add any content anytime, set up sequences and send emails to different segments.

    Can Email Marketing Be Fully Automated?

    Yes, we can program your email marketing to be fully automated, so you don’t need to make any changes for 12 months. The levels of automation will depend on the platform you choose. For example, Klaviyo has extensive automation for eCommerce, whereas Mailchimp has limited eCommerce automation options. That said, good email marketing is definitely NOT ‘set and forget’, and needs regular reviews and fine-tuning to optimise results.

    Can I Promote Products Automatically to Customers?

    Yes, but this depends on the eCommerce platform you are using and which email platform you choose. With the right choices, all of the products in your eCommerce store can be displayed dynamically to a customer in various ways. For example, you can send emails with product information to:

    • A customer who abandons the cart: displaying their chosen product in the email
    • A customer who abandons the checkout: displaying their chosen product in the email
    • A subscriber who is browsing a product: displaying their chosen product and related products in the email
    • Send related products information to customers on previous buying preferences.

    You can also set up a product feed that allows you to feature trending products, best selling products and personalised recommendations.

    What Are The Goals And Objectives For Email Marketing?

    It will depend on several factors, including the type of business, who your customers are and the customer lifetime journey. It will also depend on whether you are a service-based company or a product sales-based company.

    What Does Email Marketing Cost?

    It will depend on the number of contacts in your list, the email marketing platform you are using, and your email marketing campaign’s size. There is no ‘one size fits all’, and each campaign will need a cost estimation. Basic costs include:

    • Template design
    • Copywriting
    • Domain authentication (if needed)
    • Campaign build
    • Testing
    • Reporting (optional)

    Can I Use Email Marketing In Combination With Other Digital Marketing Channels?

    Yes, Mailchimp integrates email campaigns with Facebook and Instagram. You can also use email marketing campaigns to synchronise with other digital marketing campaigns like Google Ads, YouTube, eCommerce promotions and traditional marketing to increase traffic and conversions to your website.

    For example, you can synchronise a Google Ads or Facebook ads campaign with people who clicked on the ad then went to a website to buy a product or download an eBook.

    Once the person triggers the product purchase or eBook download action, they will automatically enter the Welcome email series for ongoing customer engagement.

    Can I Use Any Offline Advertising, News, Radio, TV to Build My List?

    Yes, you can use traditional marketing/advertising to ask people to subscribe to the promotion and help build your mailing list. For example, any magazine advertising you do can include a web address customers can visit. On this landing page, there can be a form people have to fill out to enter a competition or claim an offer. This form will capture their email address. You can then remarket to this person with personalised email marketing campaigns.

    Can Concise Digital Segment Contacts Into a Specific Group or Segment?

    Yes, we recommend you have particular list management practices, so you can target customers on a granular level by using tags or other identifying methods to filter into a wide variety of lists, segments or groups.

    Do You Need Permission to Send Email Marketing?

    Yes, but this permission or ‘consent’ can either be explicit or implicit. The action of a person subscribing to your list gives you ‘explicit consent’ to send the person emails relating to your products or services. You can also use ‘implied consent’ to send emails to your existing customers. They have implicitly given their consent because they are your customer, and you may email them even if they have not requested to join your mailing list. Whichever type of consent you have, you always need to include the facility in every email for a person to withdraw their consent and unsubscribe from future emails.

    What is Klaviyo Email Marketing Platform?

    Klaviyo is an innovative email marketing platform that helps eCommerce store owners provide customers with a personalised experience.

    eCommerce business owners are able to increase product sales, customer loyalty and customer engagement. Klaviyo helps recover abandoned cart sales and increase additional sales with a wide range of email sequences and campaign ideas.

    What is Campaign Monitor Email Marketing Platform?

    If you are a small or medium-sized business looking for email marketing software that can help grow your company, Campaign Monitor is the right choice. The software has an easy to use drag and drop template builder that doesn’t require any HTML skills.

    Campaign Monitor provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to get started. The automated features are especially useful for those who want more control over their email marketing campaigns, but still likes the idea of being able to jump right into things without too much hassle from start to finish.

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    If you are a client of Concise and have any hosting issues, our in-house technical infrastructure support team is available for clients 24/7.