Our Team Of Experts

Meet the leadership team at Concise Digital

Gareth Lane
Founder and Digital Marketer (Director/Account Management)
Malcolm Bull
Creative eCommerce Guy (Director/Account Management)
Richard Keeves
Web Veteran (Director/Account Management)
Ahmad Salahuddin
Task Maestro (GM & Head of Operations)
Suresh Babu
Clever Juggler (Development Team Manager)
Nicole Molloy
Queen of Good Ideas (Digital Marketer)
Chris Gill
Programming Rockstar (App Dev Team Leader)
Andy McWhirter
SEO Guru (Digital Marketing Strategist)
Tammy George
Queen of 'Getting Stuff Done' (Project Manager & Writer )
Mark Posa
Technical Solution Architect (Project Manager)
Billie Mcinerney
Queen of SEO (SEO Strategist)
Joy McWhirter
Social Media Specialist ( Digital Marketer)
Vicky Mulder
Project Coordinator (Project Coordinator)
Jos Bartlett
Social Media Specialist (Digital Marketer)
Paul Murphy
Email & Web Specialist (Digital Marketer)
Natasha Harris
Chief Organiser (Project Coordinator)
David Kibble
Chief Cat Herder (Digital Marketing Coordinator)
Mel Tascone
Social Media Maven (Digital Marketing Strategist)
Tammy Brown
The Wallet (Accounts Manager)
John Manning
SEO Specialist ( Digital Marketing Strategist)
Abilash Praveen
Tech & Security Guru (Systems Team Manager)
Daniel Gnanaseelan
Online Ads Guru (Digital Advertising Strategist)
Scott Hilger
SEO Specialist (Digital Marketing Strategist)
Selva Kumar
Web Project Manager (Dev Team Project Manager)
Roman Costanzo
Planning Wizard (Project Manager)
Justine Mijares
Project Assistant (Digital Marketer)
Glen Neil
Website Wizard (Project Manager)
Ernesto Miciletto
Advertising Specialist (Digital Advertising Strategist)
Vince Figuerres
Executive Assistant (Digital Coordinator)
Paddy Rohr
Tech Dev Architect (Technical Consultant)

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