Some of Concise Digital email services for our clients are hosted with Rackspace. Rackspace are experiencing a major outage which is affecting our provision of email services.

We apologise for this service outage, but unfortunately the rectification of this outage is outside of our control.

Rackspace doesn’t have an ETA. It is a major issue they’re trying to fix.

They say “We are currently experiencing a system disruption. For details please reference our system status page at

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We provide high quality, business-grade Australian-based web hosting.
It's fast, reliable and secure. You can rely on it.

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Why Fast Website Hosting Is Important

You want your website visitors to have good experiences on your website.
You don't want them to bounce away because your website is too slow to load.
You also want to be easily found in Google, right?

If you want Google to take you seriously, your website needs to load quickly.
Fast Load Speed is now a vital part of good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Fast, reliable, secure Australian Web Hosting.

With 24/7 Tech Support

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Best Australian Web Hosting

Concise Digital provides premium Australian-based website hosting to cover the website hosting needs of businesses large and small.
With Concise Digital hosting your website, your business is in good hands.

Full In-House Tech Support

Since 2005, Concise Digital has employed our own technical systems team. In fact, we’re one of very few web companies in Australia who have a full time in-house Web Development Team AND a full time in-house Systems Team.

Our tech support staff are available full-time 24/7 to support you and your business on our servers and hosting infrastructure. Our technicians are all highly qualified and Concise is fully certified by AWS to manage and support high level hosting.

In-house tech support is very important, but you may only realise this when you need it. Our In-house tech support means you will never be put in the middle of a fight between your web developers and your hosting company. At Concise, they virtually sit next to each other.

Knowledge & Responsibility

When you choose Concise Digital to build your website, it makes sense for you to also choose us to host your website. We know exactly how the website is intended to work, and our knowledge can help your business work better online.

Even if you get your website built elsewhere, we can still host it for you if the website meets our quality standards. We can migrate your website to our hosting servers, fix any problems and get you on the path to success.

You can have peace of mind knowing your website is in safe hands and being looked after 24/7 by people who understand your business and care about your results.

Total Confidence

As a client of Concise Digital, you can be confident in fast and efficient website hosting backed by professional 24/7 support for your website and your online business.

Types of Website Hosting with Concise

Concise Hosting
If your business relies on your website, you need very fast, reliable servers, regular off-site automated backups and constant website monitoring. Our Concise Hosting packages are ideal for you.
See More below.

Enterprise Hosting
If you have a very large website or an ecommerce website with many hundreds (or potentially thousands) of simultaneous visitors, then you will need our Enterprise Hosting.
All Enterprise solutions are custom-designed with scalable and secure architecture for robust and reliable performance even during peak times.
We do not offer standard ‘packages’ for Enterprise Hosting, as each solution is different. We do offer highly competitive pricing, so please put us to the test.
See More below.

Economy Hosting
Some smaller businesses want to keep hosting costs to a minimum. Our Economy Hosting plans are designed as Hosting Only, and do not include automated back-ups or website monitoring.
These start from as low as $10 a month.
See More below.

Why choose Concise for Website Hosting?

1. Concise provides 24/7 In-House Technical Support

Concise Digital is one of very few digital agencies in Australia with our own full time in-house 24/7 Systems Team.
We are available 24/7 to make sure your website is fully operational on our web servers and hosting infrastructure. We hope problems never arise with your website, but if something happens, then our 24/7 tech support means we can sort out most issues very quickly to keep your business running.

Why Choose Concise for Website Hosting?

2. Concise is an Amazon Accredited Partner

Concise Digital are Amazon Web Services accredited partners, and our underlying hosting infrastructure uses Amazon Web Services Data Centres around the world. For our Australian clients, servers are physically located in Sydney, Australia.We’re fully qualified by AWS to manage and support very high performance website hosting. You can learn more about our Amazon AWS Hosting here.

Why Choose Concise for Website Hosting?

3. Concise uses High-Availability Web Servers

Our standard hosting services utilise high-availability Shared Servers.Some web hosting companies host thousands of websites on a single shared server. We are different. Concise Digital utilises a Best Practice approach, with high-availability servers and very low numbers of other websites on our shared hosting servers.

Our low share ratios mean you don’t have to share the server bandwidth and processing power with hundreds of other websites. And you won’t suffer random spikes and long slow load times.

For websites needing more than a Shared Server, then Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers are available. These are available for Premium Hosting plans and Enterprise Hosting solutions.

Why Choose Concise for Website Hosting?

4. Concise cares about Hosting Up-Time and Security

At Concise Digital, we work very hard to keep your site ‘UP’ and available. Our standard Up-Time benchmark is 99.99%.

All hosting plans include 24/7 monitoring which will alert our systems team if your website is down so you don’t have to worry.

We take your security very seriously, however we cannot guarantee that your website will never be hacked. (No one can guarantee that.) It is important for you to know we always have the right to make your site unavailable at any time.

If your site has been hacked, or if we suspect it may have been hacked or its security compromised in any way, then we may turn your site off to the public and quarantine your site on our network until the security issue is rectified.

This is done to protect your business, your customers and other clients, users and businesses on our networks. We hope you would expect nothing less.

5. Concise has great Hosting plans and solutions
Hosting Plans

Pricing Information

All prices are in Australian dollars and are exclusive of GST.
Options are available in USD if you prefer. Please let us know.

Concise Hosting Plans

These Plans include HOSTING WITH BACKUPS, and are premium-grade comprehensive web hosting solutions for worry-free business website hosting.

  • Backups are run daily, weekly and offsite. Backups are kept for 30 days.
  • Each Concise Hosting Plan includes Anti-Spam and Anti-Hacker systems for increased security protection.
  • All servers are physically located in Australian data centres unless you specifically request international web server hosting locations.
  • Concise Digital Hosting includes 24/7 availability of our in-house tech infrastructure support team.
Hosting Plan Plan Code $ Monthly Storage Bandwidth Daily Backup
Concise 5 Whwbackup5 $25 5GB 5GB Yes
Concise 10 Whwbackup10 $40 10GB 10GB Yes
Concise 20 Whwbackup20 $50 20GB 20GB Yes
Concise 50 Whwbackup50 $60 50GB 50GB Yes
Concise 100 Whwbackup100 $70 100GB 100GB Yes
Concise 200 Whwbackup200 $90 Unlimited 200GB Yes
All prices are ex GST. Prices valid from 1 July 22 – 31 Dec 22.

Please contact us to discuss your Concise Hosting requirements.

Economy Hosting Plans

The Economy Plans are HOSTING ONLY with NO BACKUP. Economy Hosting is typically suitable for basic brochure websites that do not require backups or websites where backups are managed separately. Servers are physically located in Australian data centres.

Hosting Plan Plan Code $ Monthly Storage Bandwidth Daily Backup
Economy 5 Whnobackup5 $15 5GB 5GB No
Economy 10 Whnobackup10 $25 10GB 10GB No
Economy 20 Whnobackup20 $40 20GB 20GB No
Economy 50 Whnobackup50 $50 50GB 50GB No
Economy 100 Whnobackup100 $60 100GB 100GB No
Economy 200 Whnobackup200 $70 Unlimited 200GB No
All prices are ex GST. Prices valid from 1 July 22 – 31 Dec 22.

Please contact us to discuss your Economy Hosting requirements

Enterprise Hosting Solutions

If you require a large-scale hosting solution for your large enterprise, Concise Digital can definitely help. We have built the infrastructure for some of the largest websites in Australia.

The full-time systems team at Concise Digital has extensive experience in designing and building large-scale enterprise hosting solutions. We always aim for Fast, Secure, Robust, Scalable and Reliable.

Our Enterprise Hosting solutions are custom-designed to meet specific needs. Enterprise Hosting solutions are typically designed with very fast servers, ultra-high availability and high redundancy with no single point of failure.

These can include load balancers, web and database nodes, customised public or private clouds, content distribution network integration, geographically dispersed cluster architecture and multiple virtual nodes.

Please contact us to discuss your Enterprise Hosting requirements.

Hosting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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