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Drupal is a powerful and flexible open-source web content management system (CMS) software. It has a large global community of Drupal developers who design and develop new websites in Drupal and provide Drupal maintenance and support.

Following its initial release in 2001, Drupal grew into one of the preferred content management systems for large enterprise companies, government agencies and ASX-listed companies.

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  • Security Problems With Drupal

    Security has been a major priority with Drupal. When the Drupal codebase is maintained correctly, Drupal is a secure content management system, as long as your Drupal website was built on a supported software version.

    Now, the people at Drupal are discontinuing support for older versions of Drupal. This creates major security problems for any business whose current website runs on an old and soon-to-be unsupported version of Drupal.

  • New Technologies Give Better Options

    Now there are better options with new technologies that are more powerful, more flexible and often much more cost-effective.

    Exploring these better alternative options will make sense for anyone with an existing Drupal website, especially if (or when) you need to update to use a new version of Drupal.

    The upgrade path is often very complicated to migrate from an older version of Drupal to the latest version. You often need to treat the upgrade as if you are building a totally new website.

    If that is the case, then it’s smart to look at better options that can be more cost-effective.

  • Laravel Is A Great Alternative to Drupal

    While Drupal might have been a good choice in the past, a new software called Laravel has come on the scene recently and is growing in popularity.

    Laravel provides unmatched security and unlimited customisation, all at a lower cost than Drupal.

The Pros & Cons of Drupal


  • Secure on Latest Versions

    If your website is built on the latest supported versions of Drupal, your website can be relatively secure. This is because the Drupal software is well built and competently managed by its community of developers. The core Drupal software and extra modules that provide extra functionality are usually well designed and maintained.

    While their latest supported versions are very secure, the older and unsupported versions are open to hackers. This is a worry.

  • Advanced Customisations

    Drupal projects allow for an expansive range of functionality and customisation. Drupal designers can create high-quality custom modules and themes built to your specifications. While Drupal is a very powerful open-source CMS, it is complex to implement and could be overkill depending on what your requirements are.

Draw Backs

  • Complicated & Costly to Upgrade to Supported Versions

    If you need anything custom-built, then custom programming takes longer and costs more, especially for custom Drupal websites.

    If your website is built on an old version of Drupal that is no longer supported AND your website has a lot of customisations, then it can be very complex and costly to move to the latest supported version.

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  • End-of-Life Versions Are Vulnerable to Hacking

    When a Drupal software version reaches its end-of-life date, it means it is no longer supported and kept up to date by Drupal. This makes websites built on unsupported versions vulnerable to hacking.

    For example, support for Drupal version 7 is about to end in November 2023, so it’s time to start thinking about upgrading or rebuilding in a different software to keep your website secure.

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  • Costly Initial & Ongoing Development Costs

    Drupal is not built to be used by laymen.

    Any Drupal project will require professional services and expertise from a Drupal agency to both build the website and maintain it over time. Since Drupal is more difficult to code in than other platforms out there, web development and software development costs are usually higher.

Laravel, Like
Drupal But Better

If you’re considering building a website on Drupal, or need to upgrade to the newest version of Drupal, you may want to consider Laravel.

Imagine the power and customisation capacity of Drupal, but with literally limitless customisation and scalability – and most importantly you won’t put your website at risk of hackers on an outdated version.

With most open-source CMS software like Drupal, you start with a pre-made CMS. You can change the configurations and add new modules, but ultimately you work with the core system that you cannot alter. This can mean you are stuck with new features you don’t require, will never use but cannot remove.

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We offer Drupal development help on all websites that are built on supported versions of Drupal.

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Our Drupal experts can also assist in migrating your website to a new platform or migrating to the latest version of Drupal.

Drupal New Builds

Thinking about building your website on Drupal?

Our team are experienced with Drupal as well as other software.

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More Than a Drupal Agency

While we do offer Drupal services and support, it doesn’t stop there. Many digital agencies offer web design or digital marketing but not both under one roof.

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