Want to move away from Magento?

What's wrong with Magento?

If you run an online store built in Magento, now might be a very good time to look for good alternatives to Magento.

In our view, Magento used to be a good option for eCommerce, but now that it's part of Adobe, Magento has changed.
Magento salespeople will tell you that the new Magento is better, but we no longer recommend it.
This is mainly because we want to always deliver great eCommerce solutions that are flexible, always reliable and secure.
Plus our clients want "value for money" and we think there are better alternatives to Magento.
Magento online stores are already targets for online hackers, but after June 2020 this is going to get much worse.
The Magento V1 software will no longer receive any security updates from Adobe.
For Magento V1 stores, this is called 'End-of-Life’ or EOL.
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Magento V2 ?

As the owner of a Magento V1 online shop, you will need to migrate to alternative eCommerce software, or risk having your site hacked and infected with code that steals customers’ payment details. (This is happening already with Magento stores. It’s going to get worse.)

You could migrate to Magento v2. The latest Magento version is the 2.x branch, which has security patches on a regular basis. Migration from Magento V1 to Magento V2 is possible, but can be complicated and problematic. And why would you bother? We think the smartest move is to move away from Magento.

Three Good Alternatives to Magento

Now is the time to look at better alternatives to Magento. There are several excellent alternative eCommerce systems that are solid and secure, highly functional and reliable, and with well-supported software platforms.

These include PrestaShop, Shopify and WordPress with WooCommerce, and the eCommerce team at Concise Digital has vast experience and expertise with these three systems.

PrestaShop is a free open-source enterprise eCommerce system from France. PrestaShop is an excellent alternative to Magento for larger enterprise eCommerce stores. Concise Digital is a PrestaShop Certified Partner, the leading PrestaShop agency in Australia, and the only certified PrestaShop development agency in Australia.

Shopify is a fully hosted online shopping platform, with a monthly fee. Shopify may be a good option, and Shopify Plus is an option for larger stores.

WooCommerce is another option and can be an ideal alternative to Magento for smaller online stores.

Talk with our eCommerce experts for independent and unbiased recommendations about each option.

Talk with Concise

Now is the time to talk with the eCommerce specialists at Concise Digital. We can help you understand your various eCommerce options and recommend the best approach for you and your business. Please don’t wait until it’s too late.

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It’s all about being .

The relationships we hold with our clients are primarily based on trust. Our solutions are trusted because we believe in the products, services and relationships provided by our partners and suppliers.

We offer a great value service, we don’t claim to be the best, nor are we at the absolute forefront of digital marketing. Yet, the solutions we provide to clients are tried, tested and proven to deliver results that exceed the cost of the investment.

We couldn’t do this without the continued support from our partners and their commitment to delivering on their promises which has helped us deliver on our promises to our clients.

We know what we’re doing

In this digital world, there is no substitute for experience. 30,000+ projects delivered to 1,000+ customers in 10+ years.


32,722+ Projects So Far

Gives you peace of mind that we know what we’re doing.

1,190+ Active Customers

Means we’ve most likely done it before for someone just like you.

Our Team Covers All Your Needs

No need to waste your time working out who can solve your problem and no need to get in the middle of a fight between your web designer, your web developer and your hosting provider. At Concise they sit next to each other. And they’re all just $110/hour.

One Team Working Together Solving Your Problems

  • Graphic Designers
    Graphic Designers

    Our designers create the graphics, banners, adverts & promotional material to make you look good online


  • Developers

    Our developers do the heavy lifting to ensure your websites and apps are functional for your customers.


  • Digital Marketers
    Digital Marketers

    Our Digital Marketers create the ideas, ads & analyse the data to improve ROI and ensure the phone is ringing


  • Tech Gurus
    Tech Gurus

    Our Tech Support team keep everything running smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Anytime, Anywhere & on Any Device

Our Client Access Portal, appropriately named “CAP” allows you to interact with our team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world and on any device.

  • Log an issue anytime
  • Check the progress of your issue anywhere
  • Get updates on your issue on any device
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Our Typical Customers

We work with businesses across all industries in all countries, but our typical customers are those who don’t have or don’t need an in-house digital marketing team.

Been with us 5+ years

83% of our customers have been with us for more than five years. And that’s without any contracts!

Small Business

57% of our customers are small businesses, most of whom are small family run businesses who rely on us to keep their websites and digital marketing running 24×7.


91% of our customers are Australian but thanks to video conferencing and digital meetings, we can work with our customers anywhere at anytime. If you’re in Perth, our director is always keen for a coffee!

We Love Data

And data driven decisions

We are analytical marketers, we make decisions backed by numbers. No longer does marketing need to rely on gut feel.

Numbers don’t lie, if the phone isn’t ringing, the sales aren’t pumping and the bottom line is decreasing, you’ve got problems. We can help!


We Work Anywhere

No matter where you are in Australia, our team is available 24/7 to help solve problems.

  • Anything you need

    Whatever your problem, we’re very likely to be able to fix it and if we can’t, we’ll point you towards someone you can.

  • Anywhere you need it

    We’re not limited by location, we can work on your problems no matter where you are in Australia.

  • Anytime you need it

    We don’t all work 24 hours a day but we guarantee there will be someone available, 24/7 to help you.

Why Choose Us?

We’re a bit different to our competitors

Benefits of doing business with us

No Contracts
No Sneaky T&Cs
Available 24x7
Standard Rate $120/hr + GST
Discount Rate $110/hr + GST

Concise Digital Typical Agency Freelancers Inhouse
Available 24x7
Cost Effective
No Contracts
No Risk

No Complex Pricing

We believe in clear and transparent billing. There is one rate for all of our team members, irrespective of who is doing your work. And it's the same rate for any type of work we do for you.

Our hourly rate across the board is $120/hr + GST, and this rate is discounted to $110/hr +GST for clients with direct debit using EFT or credit card.

This approach keeps our prices low, makes invoices easy to understand, and keeps life simple!


Startup Stores

We know how to build successful new online stores. And our rates are friendly for Startups.

AUD $120/HR

Online Stores

We've built and worked on over 1,000 online stores, including some huge brands.
We can help you too.

AUD $120/HR

Big Online Stores

Truth is, we love building BIG online stores that are massively successful.
Whether you start small and grow big, or start big and grow bigger, we can make it happen.

AUD $120/HR

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