Most of your customers will be using a mobile these days, if you’re seeing this, you’re on a desktop or a laptop and to help us illustrate our point about focusing on mobile, we’ve shown you our mobile site.

Have you checked yours lately?

Gareth Founder & Director


Why do we do what we do?


Use your about page to explain why you do what you do and how you are different from your competitors.

What's your story?

I started Concise when I was 18 because I needed a job. It’s no longer a job to me. In the last 14 years or so, my team and I have helped 1,190 customers solve 32,722 digital problems.

So 14 years in, what keeps us going?

It’s knowing that when your client says thanks for a job well done, we know we solved their problem.

And that’s all that matters.”

Gareth Lane, Founder & Director

Why Us?

  • We don't have contracts, there are no sneaky T&Cs, one local point of contact and one focus; better results for you.
  • We believe that if we do a great job and exceed your expectations, then you'll keep us around and that's how our marketing works for us. Happy customers pay their bills. Simple really.
  • Experience matters. Our team have completed more than 30,000 projects for small businesses all over Australia, New Zealand and the APAC region.
  • We're honest; it didn't always go to plan, yes we've screwed up a few times and yes we're not perfect but we are still here, still growing and still improving so we must be doing something right.