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  • #Cost-Effective
  • #Meets Education Department Requirements
  • #Mobile-Friendly & Fully Responsive

If you’re looking for a great new website for your school, you’ve come to exactly the right place.

  • Complies with Education
    Department Requirements

    You can be confident with a new Concise Digital website for your school. We’ve been building websites for schools for over 15 years and know exactly what is involved to meet Education Department requirements.

  • Unique Design for Your School

    Every school website we create is different. We don’t use templates. Your website will look great, customised specifically for you. We know that your students, teachers and parents need to enjoy using your new school website, and we want you all to love it!

Mobile-Friendly & Fully Responsive

A fully mobile-friendly website is vital for all schools as more people access websites on their phones than on desktop computers.

Your new website will be built using the latest responsive technology so it works well on all popular devices including mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers.


Budgets and Pricing

Most schools have limited budgets for their new website. When you let us know the budget you have available, we can help you plan the best website you can have for your money.

We will tell you if you can get what you need for less money than you planned to spend. If you can save some of your money, then that is good for you and your school.

As a guide, a good school website typically costs around $3k to $5k, but we’ve built good school websites ranging from $800 to $20,000. Some schools spend a bit more, especially if they want their website to include special features unique to them.

Our pricing is simple and transparent. For schools, our hourly rate is $120/hr + GST. This rate is reduced to $110/hr if you can set up payment by direct debit. Either way, if your budget is say $5k, then we know we have around 50 hours or less to build your website.

And there are NO ongoing fees.

Our team is efficient, good and fast. We never waste time, and we’ll never waste your money. You only pay for the time we take.

Enjoy peace of mind with your new school website

  • Easy-To-Use Website Admin

    The #1 thing schools have always asked us for is to make their website as easy as possible to update.

    We promise your website will be easy to use, and easy to update.

    This is not just important; it’s essential.

  • Full Training Included

    You and your team will be able to do the regular updates needed. Full training is included with every website so you learn exactly how to maintain your website yourself.

    We also provide a simple Admin User Guide you can share with others. You also have the peace of mind knowing our team is around to help if needed.

  • Fast & Secure Website Hosting

    Your website needs to be securely hosted, and must load quickly for visitors. We will host your website on our high-speed, secure website servers.

    Our server infrastructure for school websites is located within the secure Amazon Web Services data centres in Sydney. We have special hosting packages for school websites, with pricing from $240 per year + GST.

  • No Long Term Contracts

    There are no long-term contracts with us. And there are no tricky ‘Terms and Conditions’ to lock you in. You can move from us at any time, although we’re pleased to say, most clients choose to stay with us for years.

    You can read the reviews below, and see for yourself.

  • Website built in flexible Open Source

    Almost all of our school websites are built using WordPress. WordPress is free ‘Open Source’ software, and is very reliable and secure when maintained regularly. (We look after this for you.)

  • Freedom to Move

    Importantly, you are not locked in to using Concise Digital in the future. You own your website, and if you want to move or get other tech people to work on it, you can.

    Many other web companies build websites using WordPress. In fact, more than 20% of all websites are built in WordPress. (That’s over 455 million websites across the world.) You can easily find other WordPress programmers and hosting companies if you ever want to move away from us.

    Thankfully, most clients stay with us for many years. We hope you will too.

  • Future Enhancements

    If you need enhancements to your school website in the future, WordPress is flexible and we can make enhancements and alterations quickly.

13 step planning process for your new school website

Here is our proven planning process that works well for most schools. It’s efficient and gets you on the fast-track for success with your new school website.
  1. To start, please take a good look at the websites we’ve built for other schools (there is a selection list below.) Look at them on a desktop computer and check how they look on your mobile phone too.
  2. Make a list of the websites you like and any key features you like. If you see something you don’t like, make a note of that too. Send us this info so we can start planning your new site.
  3. Confirm your available budget and engage us to build your new school website. Provide any essential logos, photos, etc.
  4. We then prepare a detailed brief confirming exactly what you want, including pages, colours, photos, features etc.
  5. We do a mockup to show you exactly how your new website is going to look on a desktop, tablet and mobile.
  6. If you want changes to the mockup, you let us know.
  7. When you approve the mockups, we start the development work to build your new website.
  8. Once built, we train you how to use the website admin system. We also provide a simple Admin User Guide for you to share with others.
  9. Then you add in your initial page content, or we can do it for you.
  10. Once the content is loaded in, we both do final checks prior to launch.
  11. When it’s all ready, we make the new website ‘live’.
  12. You proudly announce your new website to your various stakeholders.
  13. You enjoy your new website and easily keep it up-to-date!

Local Contacts

Western Australia & SA

Gareth Lane
DirectorPerth Office
Direct Phone: (08) 6446 6967
Email: [email protected]
Victoria, NSW, QLD & Tasmania

Paul Murphy
CoordinatorMelbourne Office
Direct Phone: (03) 7018 4997
Email: [email protected]


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