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Schedule Appointments In Facebook

Posted in Social Media by Concise Digital on December 29, 2018

Do you primarily use Facebook to communicate with your clients? Do you have to hop from one application to another to book appointments? Well Facebook has a handy feature where you can integrate your calendar with your Facebook page allowing ...

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Concise Digital

Are you using Social Media Marketing?

Posted in Social Media by Concise Digital on October 26, 2018

Ah, social media. What was once the number one spot for sharing holiday snaps has now added being one of the most utilised and effective free marketing tools available to its resume. Getting to know your platforms and the true ...

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Concise Digital

The importance of a call to action and how to write the perfect one!

Posted in Something Useful by Concise Digital on September 20, 2018

In marketing terms a call to action is the part of your advertisement, usually a button or a link, in which you prompt the audience to make a specific decision. These decisions can range from simply signing up to a ...

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Incorporating Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Posted in Direct Marketing, Social Media by Tammy on August 22, 2018

Are you using video on your website or social media page as a marketing strategy? In early 2018 reports suggested that marketing videos were going to be a big trend this year for marketing strategies. There are loads of surveys ...

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cPanel email account setup in Outlook for Android

Posted in Email Configuration by Abilash on August 10, 2018

To add the account in Outlook for Android: 1. Open Outlook on your device. 2. In case it is your first account, press Get Started, and type the email address: 3. If you already have an email account added to Outlook, ...

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