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How To Improve Your ROI On Google Ads (Concise Webinar)

How To Improve Your ROI On Google Ads (Concise Webinar)

Posted in Concise Webinars, Google Ads, Online Advertising by and on March 09, 2023
Last updated on 09/03/2023

In this Concise Webinar, we highlight the Top 5 areas our Google Ads experts recommend you work on to drive improvements in your ROI from Google Ads.

With each of the Top 5 areas, we discuss the most important actions you can take to improve your results.

This session was recorded on 8 March, 2023. On 23 February 2023, Google announced changes to how advertisers can manually fine-tune Performance Max Ads (PMax) using the new campaign management tools that Google has just rolled out. PMax is briefly discussed in the webinar. For more info on these recent changes to PMax Ad campaigns, here is a link to the info from Google. (opens in new tab)

We try to keep these concise webinars to around 20 minutes in length. This session went for 25 mins, but we think it is pretty good stuff. Now you can watch the webinar replay and see for yourself. Please let us know your thoughts.

Richard & Gareth


Richard Keeves

Director at Concise Digital and Digital Strategist with a No BS Approach

I've been in online business for the past 25 years, and I've seen the digital age rapidly change the world with astonishing transformations that many people now take for granted. In 2012, I wrote 'Catching Digital', a practical guide to business planning in the digital world. Now I work with business owners looking for over-the-horizon vision, strategic clarity and better business results.

In 2014 & 2015, I was the national Chair of Judges for the Australian Web Awards, which gave me deep insights in the Australian web industry. Not all of it is good, which makes me appreciate, and indeed love, the no-BS way we do business here at Concise Digital.

I'm a straight-talking keynote speaker, seminar-workshop presenter and a qualified trainer, and I've run Internet business seminars and workshops throughout Australia, New Zealand and in Asia and the USA. These days, most of my training work is done with our Concise Webinars.

I live in Perth and Busselton, and in my spare time, I enjoy wine, fishing and AFL footy. I'm also a long-suffering member of the Fremantle Dockers football club. ;)
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Gareth Lane

No BS Digital Marketer/Educator

My passion is helping small businesses be more successful online by showing you the mistakes I made and ensuring you avoid the advice that did nothing for me.

I’m one of the directors of Concise.Digital. I run regular talks, workshops and meetups on Google, eCommerce and all things Digital Marketing.

I live in Perth, Western Australia, enjoy wine, food and the sun.

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