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Concise Digital

Are you using Social Media Marketing?

Posted in Social Media by Concise Digital on October 26, 2018

Ah, social media. What was once the number one spot for sharing holiday snaps has now added being one of the most utilised and effective free marketing tools available to its resume. Getting to know your platforms and the true ...

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Incorporating Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Posted in Direct Marketing, Social Media by Tammy on August 22, 2018

Are you using video on your website or social media page as a marketing strategy? In early 2018 reports suggested that marketing videos were going to be a big trend this year for marketing strategies. There are loads of surveys ...

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LinkedIn Public Profile Badge Builder

Posted in Social Media, Something Useful by Tammy on June 28, 2018

I'm not sure if it's entirely new or not but I was updating my LinkedIn profile and stumbled across the Public Profile Badge Builder. The profile badge builder enables you to choose from two different badge types for you to ...

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Does Facebooks Latest Announcement Affect You

Posted in Social Media by Tammy on February 07, 2018

Does Facebooks latest change affect your business? Early this year the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg announced that the news feed will start to concentrate more on those posts from family and friends as opposed to business posts. But what ...

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Google Posts – New Feature

Posted in Social Media by Tammy on January 04, 2018

I recently wrote a blog post on my website about Google Posts. I have had such a great response from the article that I figured I’d like to share it with you. Google Posts is a new feature that has ...

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