LinkedIn Public Profile Badge Builder

LinkedIn Public Profile Badge Builder

Posted in Social Media by on June 28, 2018
LinkedIn Public Profile Badge Builder

I’m not sure if it’s entirely new or not but I was updating my LinkedIn profile and stumbled across the Public Profile Badge Builder. The profile badge builder enables you to choose from two different badge types for you to display on your blog, online resume or even your website.

Badge #1 – A smaller badge/image which comes in two sizes 280 pixel or 330 pixel wide

Badge #2 – A larger portrait style badge which comes in two sizes 250 pixel or 300 pixel wide

Just by copying two different codes and embedding them on your website you can add your LinkedIn profile but it’s more visually appealing and can serve two purposes. To create your badge you can follow these easy steps.

  1. Log into LinkedIn and go to your profile page
  2. On the right hand side of your profile header with your contact details click on ‘ Edit public profile & URL’
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the second column and click on ‘Create a Badge’ under the heading Public Profile Badge
  4. From here it’s just 2 easy steps

If you’re a sole trader and you have just a generic image on your About page on your website well now you can make it look more professional and showcase your LinkedIn profile enabling more visitors to connect with you, and possibly gain some leads.

Happy Networking.


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