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Incorporating Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Incorporating Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Posted in Social Media by on August 22, 2018
Incorporating Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Are you using video on your website or social media page as a marketing strategy?

In early 2018 reports suggested that marketing videos were going to be a big trend this year for marketing strategies. There are loads of surveys to suggest that users prefer to be delivered information in the form of video, and I couldn’t agree more.  Videos are interesting, entertaining and can spark an emotive response from consumers.  Video marketing can be used in a range of ways including on website landing pages and webinars.  But it is safe to say video marketing is found heavily and is the most effective on social media.  Video messages can get information relayed to its audience in a much shorter time frame. Many consumers can get bored shifting through pages of data and want information handed to them quick and easy. Going straight to a websites social media page and watching a short punchy video achieves this consumer desire.

Creating a marketing video for your website or social media doesn’t have to be hard! I researched five easy systems for where you can start creating your own video marketing:

  1. If you’re using social media a Facebook Live video can be one of the simplest ways to create video marketing. It can be as easy as recording yourself talking, or making a short clip of the staff and office.
  2. Flipagram – Another great place to start, especially if you’re using social media. Simple and easy to use you can combine photos to create a short video.
  3. Wideo – This is a great place to create animated videos for marketing campaigns. If your video is less than 45 seconds it is also free.
  4. Animoto – This is a great website for businesses looking to create their first video as it provides a simple 3 step guide on how to create marketing videos.
  5. Powtoon – Powtoon is used by the some of the biggest marketing brands in the world (think Coca-Cola) and provides a free and easy service to help create videos that promote your message and engage with your customers.

Here are a few top tips I pulled from Small Business Trends on how to make your marketing video a success:

  1. Video marketing should tell a story and not be too much of a sales pitch.
  2. Be creative! You wouldn’t want to watch a boring video so don’t let your customers.
  3. Focus on the mission and less on the product – don’t be afraid to be emotive, it will most likely draw customers in to your product.
  4. Keep them short! Remember customers get bored easy; give them something they can take away in a matter of minutes.
  5. Make it available on Mobile. If they’re anything like me (constantly attached to my IPhone) it’s important to make everything user friendly on mobile and that’s most likely going to be the first device they search you on!

Good luck creating your videos.


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