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Are you using Social Media Marketing?

Are you using Social Media Marketing?

Posted in Social Media by on October 26, 2018
Are you using Social Media Marketing?

Ah, social media. What was once the number one spot for sharing holiday snaps has now added being one of the most utilised and effective free marketing tools available to its resume.
Getting to know your platforms and the true extent of their capabilities might seem a little daunting, so we’ve complied a list of some essential tips and tricks to kick start the social media campaign for your growing business or yourself!

Peak Hour

Social media is a lot like driving in rush hour, you soon learn exactly when and where you’ll hit the most traffic. In terms of getting the most hits on your posts, those afternoon lulls at work tend to be popular, with people mostly reaching for their phones between 1pm and 4pm on weekdays. For the weekends however it’s lunchtimes, between 12pm and 1pm. Keep an eye on these trends and
post in these hours! (Top tip; Facebook will allow you to schedule your posts so you can upload them up for exactly the time you want, automatically)

Set Goals

You might feel like your posts and content are getting little engagement (likes, comments etc.) when you’re starting out – despair not! Make a note of where you are now before you implement
your new strategies. How many followers do you have? How many followers do you want to have? Set a target for yourself to increase engagement by say, 5% before the end of the quarter, you’ll be
surprised at how encouraging it is to pass personal milestones.

Know Your Audience

This might come as a little obvious, but using a meme in your social media post might miss the mark if your audience doesn’t know their lols from their gifs. Understand who you are addressing
inside and out – you’ll find it a lot easier to engage with them successfully.

Monitor Hashtags, Tags and Reviews

The beauty of social media is it’s what we call a two-way symmetric, meaning the flow of information is equal between those who post and those who read. Use this to your advantage and
be sure to keep on top of the feedback you receive on your posts. There’s react buttons and comments for a reason! Makes sure that you are across your feedback and use it for your development.

Lights, Camera…

Action. Don’t be afraid to engage with your followers directly through the multiple methods of communication available across all platforms. Create relationships with your followers via polls, live
streams and questions where they can tag their friends and get involved with your posts and content.

Ask for Help

Social media is a whole industry in itself with multiple businesses offering heaps of support for people in your exact situation. There’s no shame in recruiting a little extra help to create a social
media strategy that suits you and your business.

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