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Is your website safe? Probably not.

Is your website safe? Probably not.

Posted in Information Technology, Internet Security, Website Hosting by Gareth on November 03, 2014


A success word used by those in secret corners of the internet who enjoy terrorising the small business operator who runs

Hardly a word the common business owner uses because while we regularly hear about websites getting hacked, rarely does it effect oneself and not to the tune of today’s news about 12 million Drupal based websites being compromised. Full article available here.

Drupal is a popular website software platform, otherwise known as a CMS or Content Management System and like all software, online and offline, it requires constant security updates to make sure these vulnerabilities are not exposed.

If you’re running Drupal, you need to apply the security update as quickly as possible. Information and patch available here.

If you’re not running Drupal, what do you need to do?

  1. Check to see if your website CMS is up to date. It probably isn’t.
  2. Check with your hosting provider to see if you have a backup and disaster recovery plan. You probably don’t.
  3. If you’re not already actively monitoring for security updates, either subscribe to your CMS vendors page or get in touch with your web developers.
  4. Complete a security audit of your website and online assets to check for common vulnerabilities. There are typically many.

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