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The Most Important Technical SEO Terms to Know & Understand

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We are an SEO agency with a Difference

We deliver accountability and results.

When it comes to SEO, here’s our promise to you: Concise Digital will be honest and realistic with what we can achieve for your budget. We will provide you with independent expert recommendations and advice, and we will do our best to increase your SEO visibility using SEO best practices that make sense for your business.

At Concise Digital we offer affordable SEO services that will help grow your business.

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Get a Tailored SEO Strategy

The Most Important Technical SEO Terms to Know & Understand

Head to Our Glossary

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your website to increase your visibility in search engines.

When it comes to SEO, there is endless information that is often conflicting and confusing. SEO is a complex field of digital marketing that is always changing in response to algorithm updates by Google and Bing. But one thing that stays consistent is the goal of the search engine – and that is to provide results that best match the search intent of each user and provide each user with valuable help and a good search experience.

Good SEO requires keeping the user and their search needs at the forefront of whatever you do. But it’s not so simple, as there are dozens (or hundreds) of technical and creative things to get right too.

What Are The First Step When Starting SEO?

Step 1
Understand Your Business

Before beginning any SEO services, we need a clear understanding of your objectives for your business and your website.

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Step 2
Keyword Research

Keyword research is the next step in the SEO process. This is an extremely important foundational step that you cannot skip.

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Step 3
SEO Audit

An SEO audit is required to uncover issues with your website as well as improvements that can help to improve your search visibility.

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Step 4
SEO Strategy

Once the audit report is completed, we have done the foundational work required to embark on creating an SEO strategy.

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Our SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation is made up of many different parts that should all be included as part of a comprehensive SEO strategy. The focus and priority of these elements will be different depending on the state of your site.

  • SEO Audit

    We offer an SEO audit service as the first step in our process.

    Our audits are very comprehensive and identify site issues and opportunities for improvement. You can get an SEO audit on it’s own, without engaging our other SEO services.

  • Off-Page SEO (Link Building)

    Off-Page SEO is the process of making improvements ‘off’ your website to make your website appear more authoritative in Google’s eyes. The main component of Off-Page SEO is typically building links back to your website.

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  • On-Page SEO

    On-page SEO is really the process of making improvements directly to different pages of your website to ensure users and Google love it.

    This typically involves tasks like metadata creation, content enhancement, improving speed, making sure your site is mobile-friendly, creating Google friendly URL structures and site hierarchies.

  • Local SEO

    If your business sells or services locally, then our local SEO services are essential to building your visibility in local searches. If you want to stand out from other businesses in your local area then this SEO service is a must.

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  • SEO Copywriting

    High quality, relevant and SEO optimised content is very important in helping you rank higher in search results.

    Our SEO copywriting service aims to write content that helps your customers solve their problems while helping search engines understand what your website is about.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

    User experience is at the forefront of Google’s algorithm updates, and improving user experience starts with conversion rate optimisation.

    As a CRO agency, we put a lot of focus on fixing any conversion issues with your website and finding opportunities to improve the experience to help convert customers.

  • Transparent SEO Reporting & Education

    We provide in-depth monthly reports to show how your SEO campaign is progressing. In these reports, you will find useful data with clear insights into how you are ranking organically as well a detailed list of the work completed on your account for that month.

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Why Engage Our SEO Services?

We are Honest

We are Honest

We believe in a zero fluff approach, which means we will always be straightforward and honest.

SEO is not a once-off advertising task. It is important to understand that SEO is an ongoing process.

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We Deliver Valuable Results

We Deliver Valuable Results

If you are looking around for a new SEO agency, you’ll probably come across language such as: “We will skyrocket your rankings’ or “We’ll send your organic traffic soaring”.

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No Lock-in Contracts

No Lock-in Contracts

There are no lock-in contracts with any of our SEO services. And there are no tricky ‘Terms and Conditions’ to lock you in. You can move from us at any time, although we’re pleased to say, most clients choose to stay with us for years.

Affordable SEO Services

Affordable SEO Services

Our pricing is simple and transparent. Our hourly rate is $110/hr + GST. This rate is reduced to $100/hr if you can set up payment by direct debit.

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We are Flexible

We are Flexible

While we may recommend a certain number of hours per month, it’s completely up to you how much you want to spend. Every business has different marketing budgets, so if you prefer to do some tasks yourself and engage us for other SEO services, that’s completely fine.

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SEO & Development Under One Roof

SEO & Development Under One Roof

As an experienced web design and development agency, we make it easier for clients to improve the SEO on their website. After an SEO audit is completed on your website, many of the recommendations made by our SEO consultants will likely require a developer to implement them.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

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    Have a Question About SEO?

    What Are the Benefits of SEO Compared to Other Types of Digital Marketing?

    Compared to paid advertising, the organic traffic and subsequent conversions that come from SEO are free. Unlike Paid Ads, there are no ads with SEO work, so the effort you put in to getting a page to rank well will stay as long as your page is continually optimised for Google’s algorithm.This is different from paid advertising, where as soon as you turn off the ads, the leads and sales stop.

    What Is the Difference Between SEO & SEM?

    SEO is Search Engine Optimisation. SEM is Search Engine Marketing. SEO helps improve free organic rankings so your web pages appear in Google’s search results. This takes skill and time. SEM uses paid ads on search engines like Google Ads to get ads for your web pages to the top of Google’s search results. This takes skill and money, and Ad campaigns can usually be turned on very quickly.

    Do I Need SEO?

    While most businesses can benefit from SEO, not all businesses will need it. If you sell a product or service that people are actively searching for, then yes SEO can help you. However, if your product or service is quite new in the market, there may be low awareness and no one is searching for it.

    Why Is Google Referred to the Most Over Other Search Engines?

    The reason we focus on Google is because it’s the biggest search engine by far. Google contains 70% of the search market share, so it makes sense to make this a priority. In Australia, Google searches account for more than 95% of all searches in search engines.

    How Much Do Our SEO Services Cost?

    Regardless of the SEO service, our rate stays the same. We will recommend a certain number of hours per month to spend on your SEO based on a variety of factors. However, it’s completely up to you how many hours you would like to dedicate per month.

    How Long Until I See Improvements?

    Google specifies 4 – 12 months to see results from SEO work. The time frame depends on a range of factors, including your type of business, the size of your website and its current state, how much time you invest in it, and the competitiveness of your industry.

    Good keyword research analysis is vital to find the keywords where you have a good likelihood of achieving SEO rankings that will generate more business for you.

    While some SEO quick wins are possible, building lasting authority and creating additional value on your website can take time. Just like building a reputation for a physical store takes time, so does building your digital reputation.

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