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How do I prevent Domain Name Hijacking

How do I prevent Domain Name Hijacking

Posted in Business Strategy, Internet Security, Website Hosting by Abilash on February 04, 2015

Domain name and DNS hijacks

Domain names  are really the the human-readable Internet addresses of websites, and DNS hijacks simply refer to an unauthorized person gaining access to your domain name at the registry level. Once they have gained access, they may alter the DNS records to redirect legitimate requests for your domain name to the hacker’s server or they may simply transfer the domain name to another registrar and gain ownership of the domain name.

How does DNS hijacking affect my business?

Domain names are a high value asset to any organization as equally as how you would value your trademarks or other intellectual properties. A downtime of your website affects any new visitor who may be trying to visit the website during the downtime and who may not return again. Similarly a domain redirect to an illegitimate website will severely affect your customer’s trust in your business and sometimes financial losses to your customer, thus you. Problems with DNS or a DNS hijack would also affect your results on a search engine.

How do I prevent and protect my domain name?

Find a reliable service provider and register the domain names with them. Do not go just by brand names or television ads but look for real people to provide the service. If you already have your domain names registered elsewhere, do not delay any longer to transfer it to the new service provider you have found. Many big brands offer you self-service but I would strongly suggest you opt for a fully managed service as that would give you the time you require to run your business, rather than to worry about protecting your domain names!

What about SEO Best Practice?

Obviously search engine-referred traffic is very important to be aware of, and therefore there are number of vital considerations when selecting a good domain name, such as making them short, easy to remember, and easy to type! Finding a unique, brand-friendly domain name needs to be balanced against having a domain that contains targeted keywords. A keyword-rich domain name may have benefits with regard to search engine ranking order. However, in recent years Google has made several changes that have de-prioritized sites with keyword-rich domains that aren’t otherwise high-quality. Having a keyword in your domain can still be beneficial, but it can also lead to closer scrutiny and a possible negative ranking effect from search engines—so tread carefully. For more on this topic, read The Exact Match Domain Playbook: A Guide and Best Practices for EMDs.

So what’s my next move?

At Concise Digital we offer fully managed Domain Name and Hosting Services. We take care of all your DNS records, the domain name security and privacy control with personal attention to your business needs! How easy is that!

So give us a call today for any further information, or to discuss how our team can help your business get ahead of the pack!

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