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Meetup A Great Way To Network

Meetup A Great Way To Network

Posted in Something Useful by Tammy on April 25, 2018

Starting your own business can be daunting, as well as putting yourself out there to get recognised, building your brand?”

Social media is a great way to be found. But what if other businesses want to meet you face to face?  They want to know who they are hiring, get to know your personality to see if you’re the right fit for them and vice versa.

That’s where MeetUp comes in. I would have had no idea about this site if it weren’t for someone recommending it to me. I was trying to establish my presence everywhere on the internet and on advertising sites but not really getting myself out there.

If you’re not familiar with Meet Up then you should take a look. It’s a fantastic way to meet other businesses and gain some valuable contacts. Meet ups are held all over the world, just enter your location and it will advise you of the closest groups in your area. It’s not all about business networking there are also other groups that may interest you.

Depending on what you feel comfortable with there are Sundowners that are held in a very casual environment, or if you like more of a sit down gathering then there are some held during business hours too or dinners. I found that it’s not a place for you to sell but to educate others on what you do and how you may be able to help them, if not now maybe in the future.

For those of you that do everything on your phone like me, they also have an app for IOS and Android. The app advises you of meet ups in your area and once you RSVP to one it gives you the option to add it directly to your own calendar. If you have gathered business cards and you can’t put a face to the name then you can also click on the group and search for the profile of the person to get more information.

Find a group in your area take some business cards and get recognised.

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