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What’s New Online

What’s New Online

Posted in Miscellaneous by on February 08, 2018
What’s New Online

Automated Clearing House Payments Now Available In Xero With Stripe

With Xero’s popularity increasing they are always trying to find new ways to help and support their customers. One way they are doing this is via integrations for their software. They have announced recently that Xero customers can now accept Automated Clearing House bank transfers via their integration with Stripe one of the most popular online payment gateways.

Enabling the feature in Xero is easy to do and will prove a big benefit for small businesses who constantly await payment for their invoices.

More Information here

Could There Be New Domain Changes On The Horizon

Wow we are so used to seeing .com in website addresses it will be a bit strange to see it go. According to an article on Lifehacker.com.au there are big changes on the horizon with AUDA reviewing how domain names are used. Meaning that instead of seeing lifehacker.com.au you would just see lifehacker.au.

With this change it could also mean for those wanting to purchase a .au domain you will no longer have to purchase the .com too. There are a few other changes listed and you can read the full article here


New Feature Introduced To Google Analytics

Although there has been no confirmed update according to Search Engine Journal Google Analytics has a new added report which can analyse your websites custom audiences. What does custom audiences mean? Well it is basically a group of visitors that can either be categorized as new visitors, returning visitors, past purchasers or people that have gone to a certain part of your website.

If you would like more information on this new Google feature you can read the full article here



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