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How to choose the right business name

How to choose the right business name

Posted in Miscellaneous by on March 04, 2015

A business name is important because

  1. Your brand is connected to your name
  2. Your business name is the key thing customers remember about your business
  3. Your business name may tell customers what you do
  4. Your business name has to be unique
  5. Your business name could be with you for life

Things to think about

  1. Think about your industry – Be sure to see how this information fits your business and industry. For example McDonalds wasn’t called “Burgers and Fries” but their extensive brand marketing tells you that “McDonalds” means fast food.
  2. Do a Business Name Search – http://abr.business.gov.au
  3. Complete a Company Name Search – http://www.asic.gov.au

First test your proposed business name

  1. In conversation – “Qantas was so good this time around. We really recommend them”
  2. Phone calls – “Thanks for calling Facebook. How many I help you today?”
  3. On radio – “To take advantage of this special offer, visit www.dell.com.au”
  4. Saying your email address – “Just email [email protected]
  5. Then check to see if the domain names are available
  6. Then check to see if the online real estate is available (social media)

Finally check that you’ll be able to be found in search

  1. Check in Google, Bing and Yahoo
  2. What happens if you search (your business name) ?
  3. What happens if you search (your product) + (your location) ?

If you would like us to help you complete the above process, click here.

Gareth Lane

No BS Digital Marketer/Educator

My passion is helping small businesses be more successful online by showing you the mistakes I made and ensuring you avoid the advice that did nothing for me.

I’m one of the directors of Concise.Digital. I run regular talks, workshops and meetups on Google, eCommerce and all things Digital Marketing.

I live in Perth, Western Australia, enjoy wine, food and the sun.

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