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Introducing Amcom Upstart; Venture Capital for Perth Start Ups

Introducing Amcom Upstart; Venture Capital for Perth Start Ups

Posted in Information Technology, Networking by Gareth on February 17, 2015

Tonight I witnessed one of the rare occasions where little old Perth, WA brushed off its Wait Awhile metaphor with a game changing, industry leading (for Perth anyway) initiative in the world of technology start ups and all thanks to the power of a WA thoroughbred (Amcom) and Perths very own silicon valley style co-working space known as Spacecubed.

The startup program is called “Amcom Upstart” and is being hailed as “Perths Newest Tech Accelerator”

Amcom Upstart Key Facts

  1. Amcom Funded
  2. Spacecubed Backed
  3. $40,000 in available capital for 8 teams
  4. Must solve a problem or satisfy a real need
  5. Commit to doing it in Perth

What are the Upstart Program Perks?

  1. $5000 credit on Amazon Web Services
  2. $2000/month credit on Rackspace Hosting
  3. $10,000/month on Softlayer Hosting
  4. $60,000 of Microsoft Azure Credit
  5. Free Fees on Stripe
  6. $1000 of Zendesk Credit
  7. 120 days free at SEO Moz
  8. Group of mentors
  9. Desk space at Spacecubed
  10. Did I mention $40k from Amcom?

What more could you want to get your Start Up business off the ground?

When you do, give Concise Digital a call to get it to market. 

Applications for the Amcom Startup Program are now open and close 10th April. Apply here.

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