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Important SSL/TLS Certificate Advisory

Important SSL/TLS Certificate Advisory

Posted in E-Commerce, Internet Security, Something Useful by Abilash on December 14, 2015

Time to UpdatePlease replace all of your SHA-1 SSL/TLS certificates with SHA-256 SSL/TLS certificates as soon as possible. The SHA-256 replacement certificates should be installed on your servers right away.

Why do you need to replace their SHA-1 certificates?

  • Some major browsers have already started while others plan to start displaying security warnings or even block sites that use SHA-1 certificates in 2016. Therefore replace your SHA-1 certificates with SHA-256 certificates to prevent your site visitors from viewing security warnings in their browsers when accessing your site.
  • Furthermore, international cryptography researchers recently warned of a significantly increased risk in using SHA-1 certificates and recommend migration to SHA-256 certificates as soon as possible (see research). Make sure you replace your SHA-1 certificates with SHA-256 certificates to eliminate the security risk associated with SHA-1 certificates.

Here are a couple of resources to help you understand the issue and to check your certificate, quickly and easily:

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