How To Use Website Banners To Drive Better Results

How To Use Website Banners To Drive Better Results

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Last updated on 16/03/2022
How To Use Website Banners To Drive Better Results

Website banners are a great way to prominently display key messages to your website visitors, but banners are not just for messaging. Good website banners can massively drive better results.

Whether on desktop or mobile devices, good website banners can ensure your messages are seen as soon as the visitor lands on the page. This means you can get visitor attention right away, promote important communication points, improve desired conversions, drive sales of specific products and services, and help you avoid losing potential sales or leads.

When you are considering adding website banners to your website, don’t just think of your home page. Depending on the style of your website, you can include website banners on almost any page of your site.

What Are The Most Effective Types of Website Banners?

You will see two main types of banners on websites, depending upon the type of business.

1. Strip Banners

A strip banner is usually placed above the navigation menu bar. This type of banner is often used to announce changes to operations or holiday hours. A typical strip banner you may be familiar with is for Covid19 notifications. Many business owners use a special notice on the home page to notify customers of their operating hours, conditions to enter their buildings or changes to delivery conditions.

2. Hero or Slider Banners

The second type of banner is called a Hero Banner or Slider Banner. It typically appears at the top of your website, directly under the navigation menus.

Hero Banners are usually a large image with text to promote the most important message you want your customers to see. The text statements may be a sales promotion, a call to action, a promotional message or an encouragement to join, subscribe or make an enquiry.

A Slider Banner is a series of Hero Banner images that auto-slide from one Hero Banner to the next in a sequence. Each Slider image usually has its own stand-alone message, and so sliders allow you to promote more than one message whereas a single Hero banner is used for an individual single message.

What Are The Benefits of Using Website Strip Banner Notifications?

Changes to business hours or variations due to public holidays can be a frustrating experience for your customers, especially if customers are not aware that your business will be closed over public holidays.

To help avoid the disappointment of arriving at a closed building and wasting their time or making an unnecessary trip, you can display advance notice about your working days and hours in a strip banner.

This simple website update ensures those who visit you know what to expect, so there isn’t any confusion when shopping online, coming to your store, or contacting your office.

What Type of Information Should be Included With Strip Banners?

The best way to formulate your message is to keep it concise. You don’t want your message to get lost in too many words, so try to keep it short with no more than two sentences for a message.

The most common messages for website strip banners are:

  • Change of opening hours
  • Public holidays
  • Change of address
  • Delivery delays
  • Reminders
  • Changes to entry conditions

Below are examples of seasonal Strip Banners:

Concise Digital is a one-stop-shop for all your web design and development. With our expertise in digital marketing, we can help improve the user experience of any website with strip banners.

We can help you schedule when the banners will be placed on your site, so the whole process is automated for you.

Concise Digital can provide a package of banners for the entire year. Contact us for a pricing estimate for Strip Banners or Hero Banners.

What Are The Most Popular Hero Website Banner Designs?

If you operate an eCommerce or service industry website, you can add seasonal banners with targeted relevant promotional messages for your customers or prospective customers.

For example:

  • Run Up To Christmas Sales
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales
  • Easter Sales
  • Mothers Day Offer
  • Valentines Day Offer
  • 20% off Sales
  • Summer or Winter Sales
  • New Year Special Offers
  • Winter Getaway Deals

Below are examples of seasonal Hero Website Banners:

When you’re about to launch a promotion on your website, use good conversion rate optimisation techniques and create an awesome user experience so customers are more likely to use your ‘call-to-action’.

When people land on your promotional page, the first thing they see is a hero banner with a call to action. Before your launch begins make sure that your hero banner design has been carefully thought through so customers can easily read what’s being offered and maximise conversions for maximum success.

Concise Digital can provide a single banner or a package of banners for the entire year. Click on the link below to get a cost estimate for Strip and Hero Banners.

How To Use Website Banners to Promote Special Offers or Events

A good way to make the most of your website promotional designs is to repurpose the strategies and content you develop for your online advertising, social media and email marketing.

When you turn your ads, social posts and email content into banners for your site, you also reinforce the message to magnify your results. Remember, good marketing messaging need to have a cumulative effect on your target audience as it often takes more than one exposure to the message to elicit a positive response.

It works the other way too. When you come up with good ideas for banners, you can reuse the good idea in your other marketing. As examples, your website banners can be repurposed for

  • Facebook posts and ads
  • Instagram posts and ads
  • Linkedin posts and ads
  • Blog posts
  • Print media promotions

Website banners are an affordable and effective way to promote your business, but only if used correctly. One common mistake is to have a banner that links to a standard page which has no message relating to the banner. If you have a special promotion or product to sell, make sure you have a specific landing page with the related banner on it, so your customers don’t end up navigating away thinking they are on the wrong page and clicking on something else.

How Can Website Banners be Used to Promote Services?

You can often engage and convert more customers by using an attractive website banner promoting specific services. The images on the page will show up in Google search results, so you can have better branding and awareness of who you are as a business.

Make sure to use good SEO methods when tagging these images correctly otherwise your competitor might rank higher than your website.

Below is an example of a banner displayed on Google Search.

Are There Any Special Considerations to Keep in Mind When Designing a Website Banner?

Make sure the design has good white space and don’t clutter the banner up with too much information and graphics. Use high-quality images and graphic design to grab the attention of the readers.

5 Key Points For Website Banners

  1. Make sure the banner design is attractive and in a style consistent with your website and brand.
  2. Make sure there is an offer.
  3. Include a call to action (CTA).
  4. Make sure the offer is time-limited (Fear of Missing Out).
  5. Add Links to a specific product page or landing page if your banner is on the home page.

How To Make Sure Your Website Banner is Noticed by Visitors?

You can use high-quality images that pique interest. Animated gifs can be good, but don’t overdo it as these can often look cheap, nasty and unprofessional if not done well.

You can use graphics alone if you don’t have a high-quality image, similar to the Easter Hero banner above.

Other tips to make sure your banner gets noticed:

  • Bold colours can be used in text and graphics to grab the attention of the reader
  • Make sure your call to action tells the reader how to respond
  • Use contrasting colours to make your call to action stand out

Where Should Website Banners be Placed on The Website For The Best Results?

Always make sure you adopt and maintain good user-experience strategies when planning and designing your website.

To maximise your website’s potential for conversions, it is essential to create banners for the internal landing pages and not just the homepage.

A seasonal promo or sales page will be more successful if an associated header or hero banner image with a CTA guides the users directly into those particular content areas.

By doing so, you maximise a good user experience to help your visitors find the information they are looking for. This improves the chances of the customer converting to a sale or lead generation.

Get In Touch

Remember, good Hero and Slider website banners can increase engagement and massively improve conversions for seasonal sales and other events.

Strip Banners can provide current and potential customers with quick, easy and prominent notifications of important information.

If you’d like to find out how Concise Digital can help you add or improve your website banners, please contact us on 1300 226 624 or make an enquiry via our contact us form.

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