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Google, making your life simplier

Google, making your life simplier

Posted in Opinion by Tammy on July 08, 2015

I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t really use Google products much. As a business owner Google has now become a necessity for me. The best part is you can have all your favourite programs at your fingertips. Syncing across all your devices your smart phone, tablet and computer. Whether it be Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google + or Google Calendar.

I love knowing that with just one email I have the ability to utilise so many programs and they’re free.

Not only are my emails easy to access through Gmail but the Google calendar is a great tool to keep me organised.  Google + is fantastic for connecting with other businesses and making yourself more visible on the internet. Add yourself to some communities and connect with some other like-minded people, expand your network.

And now that I’ve found Google Keep it’s made my life even simpler. Allowing me to make lists and notes and share them with anyone I want it by just adding an email address. It also has the ability to colour code, tag notes and set reminders.

Google keep is great if you also need to search notes at a moment’s notice. Maybe you’re out of the office but can’t remember your errands, No worries! If you’ve added your list to Keep you can just access it through your smart phone. Type one word to locate your notes, it’s that simple. The best part is, it syncs between devices instantly.

So if you want to make your daily routine a bit simpler like me look no further than Google.

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