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At Concise, we build effective websites that help your Geelong-based business.

Our experienced Geelong and Melbourne web designers build websites and online stores in a range of software from Shopify to WordPress. With over 25 years experience in building websites, our focus is to honestly recommend the best website platform to meet your needs and your budget.

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The proof is in the projects.

To get an idea of what we can do for you, take a look at some of the local business websites we designed and built for others.

Already Have a Website & Just Need Some Tweaks?

  • Website not mobile friendly?
  • Need help formatting a page?
  • Contact form not working?

Our web development team are always available to help with any changes you need on your current website. We don’t do lock-in contracts or packages. Even if you have a small change, we can help.

We’re also one of the most affordable Geelong website design agencies. There are no contracts or minimums, or hidden costs.

Get Some No-Obligation Help

Meet Paul.

Our Local SEO Consultant.

My name is Paul Murphy, and I’m a digital marketing professional based in Geelong. I have been working in the digital marketing industry for over ten years and during that time, my skills have helped businesses from all around Australia grow their online presence and increase profitability.

I have specialist skills in content writing, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Ads and Facebook Ads, email marketing and digital marketing strategy.

I would love to hear about your business plans. If you would like to have a chat about digital marketing you can book a FREE 15-minute consultation or call me on (03) 7018 4997.

1300 226 624 Book Consultation

Why Work With Concise to Build Your Geelong Website?

If you’re looking for a web designer and developer in Geelong, look no further than Concise Digital.

We Can Customise

With our web development experience and expertise, we can help turn your vision into reality.

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We Can Integrate Just About Anything

We do lots of website integration work. If you have a different system – such as an inventory system or CRM – that needs to link with your website, we can make the two systems talk nicely with each other.

Seamless Migration

If you’re planning on upgrading to a newer version of your website software ( i.e. PrestaShop version 1.6 to 1.7) or to a new software altogether, we can migrate to the new platform efficiently.

Web Hosting

At Concise, we take care of everything in-house, including your web hosting. Our premium Australian-based website hosting comes with 24/7 support to help with any issues.

24/7 Support

Website down? Website not secure?

To ensure your website is working correctly and quickly, we provide a 24/7 hosting and support service.

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Market Your Geelong Website

We are a full-service Geelong digital marketing agency, which means we offer many different services beyond designing and developing your business website.

Well-built responsive websites by our expert web designers is essential to converting customers, but it’s not how you gain them, that’s where digital marketing comes in.

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We do SEO without complicated technical language. Our Geelong SEO services help to improve your visibility in search engines and get you found by customers.

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Google Ads

Google Ads

At Concise, our Google Ads experts can help you to create effective Ad campaigns to reach your target audience and promote your website.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We help businesses, large and small, develop email marketing solutions that help you to increase sales, improve customer engagement, build customer loyalty and retention.

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Social Media

Social Media

Our team of social media specialists can create customised social media marketing strategies and grow your customer base via social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & more!

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Got a Question About Our Website Service?

How Much Will My Geelong Web Design Project Cost?

We don’t do packages or lock-in contracts.

Our pricing is simple and transparent. Either way, if your budget is say $5k, then we know we have around 50 hours or less to build your website.

How Long Will It Take To Complete My Website?

It depends on the size of the project, but given we receive all we need from you in a timely manner, the website should be completed within a couple of months.

A simple website with all the content and assets ready to go could be completed in less than a month.

Will My Website Be Mobile-Friendly?

Yes, we only build mobile-friendly websites. Any web designs that aren’t mobile-friendly in 2022 is concerning,

Say Hello

Please contact us any time for help with your website, online store or digital marketing solutions. With 50+ team members across 6 time zones, we can usually respond quickly.

If you are a client of Concise and have any hosting issues, our in-house technical infrastructure support team is available for clients 24/7.