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How to better manage Stock for your Shopify Store

How to better manage Stock for your Shopify Store

Posted in Concise Webinars, E-Commerce by on October 29, 2020
Last updated on 25/01/2023
How to better manage Stock for your Shopify Store

In the highly competitive ecommerce world, customers demand and expect online shops to have accurate inventory levels and fast delivery. Store owners must learn how to efficiently manage their supply chains and logistics, and it’s not easy especially if you are growing fast.

This Concise Webinar is presented by Brad Saw, one of Australia’s leading experts in Supply Chain management for growing businesses. Brad explains key concepts with examples from Shopify stores (plus others) to highlight practical tips and valuable lessons. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shop owner, you’ll find plenty of ideas and wisdom to help your business grow with more happy customers.

The session includes:

  • The most important piece of Supply Chain data
  • Which concept causes the biggest confusion
  • What to set up to make shipping easy
  • A massive issue that can make or break a business
  • Pricing, and how to get it right or wrong
  • And plenty more…

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