Most of your customers will be using a mobile these days, if you’re seeing this, you’re on a desktop or a laptop and to help us illustrate our point about focusing on mobile, we’ve shown you our mobile site.

Have you checked yours lately?

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How does your website look on different mobile devices?

Posted in Something Useful, Tips and Tools, Websites Design by Richard on October 02, 2019

How does your website look on different mobile devices? This Concise Video explains how you can quickly check the appearance of your website using the free Emulation tool within the Google Chrome browser. This is a handy way to see ...

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Split Testing: Buy Now vs Free Trail Test

Posted in Websites Design by Merrian on October 30, 2015

So you will have probably heard that the more you give away the more you sell but are you using this selling strategy on your website? Are you for example using the BUY NOW button, but forgetting to add the ...

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8 Tips to Authentic Networking

Posted in Networking, Websites Design by Merrian on September 08, 2015

“Networking” is a word that can cause some people to recoil in distaste. We’ve all been approached by the “hard sales” types who flash you a perfect smile and immediately launch into a sales pitch about whatever it is they ...

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Is your website living in a cave & hidden in the dark ages?

Posted in Websites Design by Merrian on November 18, 2014

If you don’t invest in your business why would anyone else? I talk to a lot of business owners in and around South Perth, Belmont and Welshpool, and also to would be entrepreneurs, dreamers and ideas people. I love them ...

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Cheap Overseas Hosting and why you should not go there!

Posted in Websites Design by Merrian on November 06, 2014

Cheap overseas hosting - a first hand account! So if you have ever wondered why you should never consider cheap hosting read on.. Before joining Concise Digital Perth South, I had an idea for another business, so I thought, its ...

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