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Using CAP: Concise Digital’s Client Access Portal

Using CAP: Concise Digital’s Client Access Portal

Posted in Company Announcements by on June 18, 2018

Introducing CAP, our Client Access Portal

With CAP, you can

  • Access our team Anywhere
  • Request a Quote Anytime
  • Create a Job on Any Device
  • Check the progress of a Job
  • Query an Invoice
  • See all of your Quotes, Invoices & Payment History
  • Pay your account or change your Payment Preferences

PLUS save time by

  • Access your websites without needing to remember passwords
  • Access your hosting control panel without needing to remember or enter passwords, ever!
  • Create new email addresses, reset passwords and setup email forwarders
  • CAP has heaps of other great features but I’ll let you have a play to find out.

Thank you again for your continued patronage, we hope you like CAP as much as we do!


Concise Digital CAP Walk-through – Sign In

If you already have an account, simply sign in with your email address and password – it works on any device too! If you haven’t got an account yet or have misplaced your login details, please contact us

Concise Digital CAP Walk-through – Dashboard

In the CAP Dashboard, you can navigate to where you need to go, see your active jobs or quickly and easily contact your local licensee.

Its a great way to check in on where we’re at with your jobs.

Concise Digital CAP Walk-through – Jobs

In the jobs section, you can see your active jobs like a new website project, check in on an ongoing job like a Google Ads campaign or see an archive of all your past projects.

Concise Digital CAP Walk-through – Creating a Job

To create a job, simply decide what category it falls in, don’t worry if you’re not sure, we’ll fix it on our end.

This helps our project managers automatically assign your job to the relevant team for completion.

Then fill in as many details as you can, being sure to include a deadline so we know when you need it by.

Also include a budget if you want to cap our time, otherwise we’ll keep going until its finished.

Concise Digital CAP Walk-through – Request a Quote

If you would like a quote first, please be sure to click the “Get Quote $” button first so make sure we don’t just get on with it and send you a bill you weren’t expecting!

Concise Digital CAP Walk-through – Accounts & Invoices

In the accounts section, you can access your Invoices, Quotes, Pay an Invoice, Update your Payment Preferences, Schedule a Payment or review your Payment History.

Concise Digital CAP Walk-through – Invoice Details

If you click on the Invoice Number, you’ll be shown a detailed invoice where you can download or print a PDF and check the notes to clarify what the invoice was for.

If you are ever concerned, please contact [email protected]

Concise Digital CAP Walk-through – Payment Preferences

Before you can pay an account, you’ll need to setup your Payment Preferences by adding a Credit Card or a Bank Account that we can debit from.

There are no fees or surcharges associated with this, its all about keeping things efficient as possible.

If you’ve already set your Payment Preferences (or we did for you over the phone), then you’ll see a screen like this. If you wish to update at any time, please contact us.

Concise Digital CAP Walk-through – Scheduled Payments

Once you’ve setup your Payment Preferences, you can make a payment by choosing your payment date and how much you wish to pay.

Once confirmed, you can choose to email yourself a copy for your records.

Our accounts department will send you a receipt once cleared (usually next business day) or they’ll politely ask you to try again in the event of a decline.

Concise Digital CAP Walk-through – Scheduled Preferences

Once you’ve added a payment, it’ll appear in the Scheduled Payments tab which is handy if you wish to check what payments you have coming up.

It will also include those which are on direct debit, such as monthly hosting accounts.

Concise Digital CAP Walk-through – Accounts – Retainer Preferences

Many of our clients prefer to pay a set weekly/monthly amount to smooth our their cash flow, if you wish to set this up, please contact [email protected]

Concise Digital CAP Walk-through – Accounts – Payment History

All of the activity on your account is recorded in the Payment History tab.

If you’re ever missing a receipt or we’re missing a payment you’ve made, please contact [email protected]

Concise Digital CAP Walk-through – My Services

In the My Services section, you can see all the websites, domains, hosting accounts we look after on your behalf.

If we’re looking after it, everything is designed to be as quick and efficient as possible so once its setup you’ll never need to remember a password or username again! Cool huh!

Concise Digital CAP Walk-through – My Websites

Each website with an associated hosting account has its own entry so you can access the Hosting Control Panel or the Website Admin by the click of a button.

Concise Digital CAP Walk-through – Hosting Control Panel

If you’re a bit more technical minded and want access to the Hosting Control Panel to access FTP or more advanced settings for your website, you can do that here.

Concise Digital CAP Walk-through – Email Control Panel

Inside the Hosting Control Panel, you can also access the Email Control Panel by clicking “Email Accounts” and in here you can add a new email address, reset a password or setup an email forwarder in case you’re away on leave.

Concise Digital CAP Walk-through – Resetting your Email Address

If you need to reset an email address, click “Email Accounts” and then “Payment and Authentication” and the following section will allow you to reset your email password at any time! Please note this change happens instantly so be sure to change your email password on all your devices otherwise you may be blocked by our firewall.

If this happens, please contact [email protected]

Concise Digital CAP Walk-through – Changing your Details

If you ever need to update your details or change your contact preferences, just click “My Details” under your name on the left hand side.

We hope you enjoy using CAP and if you have any feedback, please contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

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