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How to clear your local DNS cache

How to clear your local DNS cache

Posted in How to Guides by on May 02, 2016
Last updated on 24/02/2023
How to clear your local DNS cache

If you ever had a DNS update to your website or email or other DNS records, you know that you have to wait for the DNS propagation to complete which is usually the TTL value or a maximum of 72 hours. Sometimes you end up seeing the same old DNS record even after the TTL has passed. This is mostly due to the local DNS cache. When you clear your local DNS cache, you will be able to see the updated DNS record.

This is how you do it on Windows 10. It is almost the same for other Windows OS as well.

1) Go to start menu


2) Type CMD


3) Right click on the blackbox that reads Command Prompt. Click on run as administrator and accept any warnings


4) Type: ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter

enter CMD

Your local DNS cache should be cleared now.

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