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Making your blog post sizzle!

Making your blog post sizzle!

Posted in SEO by on January 05, 2015
Making your blog post sizzle!

Getting your blog posts out there isn’t just about how good the content is. The way you layout your writing probably has a greater impact on its ability to engage an audience than the words themselves!

There are probably 10’s of billions of blog posts out there, all competing for the attention of a smaller percentage of web users, whose attention is already split between various websites, devices, social media and trying to update your latest selfies online. You already have your work cut-out just getting your post in front of your potential audience, so having written a great piece let’s ensure we maximize it’s visual appeal!

Are your blog posts actually worth reading?

This is the first question you should ask yourself before you begin writing the post you had in mind.

  • Is it a unique subject?
  • Has it been covered before elsewhere?
  • If so does it add a new spin to it?
  • Is it content that will add value or engage people?

No matter how much knowledge we have or how cool we might think a subject is, sometimes our time is better spent chasing actual leads instead of writing blog posts to create new ones. If our piece adds a certain edge to a subject, enlarges current knowledge or expands upon a conversation elsewhere, then get in there and work some blog post magic!

A picture speaks a thousand words

If it’s worth dedicating some time to writing a great blog post, let’s break this up into readable chunks. There’s nothing worse than a screen that’s an endless scrolling text. Your block of text will not have the same effect as the mind-numbing endless scroll of your facebook news feed. Give your users something to hook into!

Images carry themes exceptionally well, informing the user about the content and allowing them to make an informed choice to hang about or post a photo of their lunch on Instagram. Breaking up the text serves as a breather for the reader, a quick chance to recap and move forward.

Use Sub-headings to introduce each section

Web users will scroll quickly and make snappy decisions on whether a page is worthy of their time, especially when this morning’s email enquiries needed answering 30mins ago. If a picture won’t quite offer the user a chance to stop and smell the roses, then throw in sub-headings! Introducing well scripted sub-headings gives users an insight into what you are talking. It’s also a great way to try and improve your search engine results at the same time!

Bulleted and Numbered Lists

  • Offers a great way to break information up
  • Can chunk important information together
  • (when styled right) can jump off the page
  • Allows you to convey a lot of information in a short space
  • Great for linking to additional content or offers

Review, edit, review again, edit again

Why use 10 words to get a point across when 5 will do? Review and edit your blog post 2-3 times! This process gets your message across without the waffle. Get to the point, users will love you for it.

Unless you are writing a scientific thesis, inject a little humour, take the user on a journey, inspire others with your writing. Your subject matter will ultimately determine your tone, but allow your personality to seep through so that you become synonymous with your writing.
If you are really struggling to construct effective blog posts, we are more than happy to do it for you!

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