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Schedule Appointments In Facebook

Posted in Social Media by Concise Digital on December 29, 2018

Do you primarily use Facebook to communicate with your clients? Do you have to hop from one application to another to book appointments? Well Facebook has a handy feature where you can integrate your calendar with your Facebook page allowing you to accept bookings from your page but also send appointment reminders.

  1. To set up navigate to your Facebook page
  2. Go to settings
  3. Then down the left hand side select ‘appointment settings’
  4. From here under ‘personal calendar’ you can configure your Google calendar (appointments booked on your page will show on your Google Calendar automatically)
  5. You can also add a list of services (people can see the services you offer when they visit your page or book an appointment)
  6. Show available time slots to your customers by allowing people to pick their appointment date and time based on a schedule you set up. Otherwise, people can message you to request appointments that you can schedule manually.
  7. Share your booking form link on your posts make it easier for customers to book an appointment
  8. Send appointment reminders through messenger the day before

Along the top bar you should see the option ‘appointments’. Once you click on this you will get a calendar view of your appointments, if you navigate to your Google calendar now you will have these appointments in there.

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