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Resources for doing Better Business in the COVID-19 Era

Resources for doing Better Business in the COVID-19 Era

Posted in COVID-19 News & Tips by on April 07, 2020

This list is being frequently updated with additional info and resources. Please bookmark this for your reference.


1. Add a News Message to your Website

We can easily add a message to your home page so your visitors can easily see news about your business. Typically this takes 1-2 hours to create and add a fully editable text block you can then manage yourself. Contact us for help.

2. How to update your Google My Business listing

Many customers will see your Google My Business listing when they search for you on Google on mobile, tablet or desktop. Here’s how you can easily keep your Google My Business info up to date.


1. Want to sell online?

Here are our top 3 options for ecommerce systems.

2. How quickly can we set up an online store?

Do you know someone who needs help fast? Here’s what we did for Luisa.

3. How to Move Your Brick-and-Mortar Business Online

This is Shopify’s excellent guide to the essential steps to get your brick-and-mortar business online using Shopify.

4. How Trustworthy Is Your Online Store?

This is a good article from Shopify about building trust for your online store. The 39-Point Store Trust Checklist


1. How to Get Your Brand Message Right & Wrong in Times of Crisis

What you say and how you say it actually matters. This article is by Shelley Walsh, published in the Search Engine Journal.

2. Communicate with Customers: Why use Email Marketing?

Email can be good if you use it well. The Concise team provide some helpful guidelines.

3. How to use Facebook Messenger Live Chat on your website

Facebook Messenger can make customer sales, service and support much faster and easier. And it’s free to use. Here are some tips from the Concise team.


1. How to pause your business online in Google Search

This is an important article with recommendations from Google how to pause your business online and minimize negative impacts with Google Search.  KEY POINTS –  Recommended: Limit the Site Functionality.  What is NOT Recommended is disabling the whole website.


1. Cash and The Banks

This article has advice from accounting firm Bentleys and includes handy direct links to info from the banks.

2. PayPal

Changes at PayPal for Covid-19 Relief. Direct link to PayPal info page for Au.


1. Info for Small Business

Here is a direct link to the government’s Small business newsroom 

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