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IQ Seven to merge into Concise Digital

IQ Seven to merge into Concise Digital

Posted in Company Announcements by on February 14, 2020

Concise Digital announced today it is planning to merge the intellectual property created by tech start-up IQ Seven into the Concise Digital Client Access Portal (CAP)

IQ Seven is an innovative online platform designed to semi-automatically diagnose problem areas with under-performing websites.

Intended for use by small business, IQ Seven was founded in 2017 by web industry veteran Richard Keeves and digital marketing specialist Gareth Lane to fill a perceived need in the business community for a low cost website diagnostic system for small business.

“IQ Seven provides website owners with prioritised alerts about warnings, issues, ideas and opportunities to improve results in areas strategically important to that specific business,” Richard Keeves said.

“Using IQ Seven’s alerts and recommendations, a business can improve its website in seven key areas: Visibility, Attraction, Engagement, Conversions, Leads and Sales, Social Sharing, and Security & Reliability.”

“IQ Seven developed over 50 powerful WebChecks to quickly scan ecommerce websites, lead generation websites and other types of business websites to identify problems and opportunities for better results,” Richard explained.
Research and Innovation Project of the Year
IQ Seven was selected as a Finalist in the 27th annual WAITTA Incite Awards in the category “Research & Innovation Project of the Year” for 2017-2018.

The innovative technology in IQ Seven was recognised by the WA government in its 2018 Innovation Voucher program. This program provided financial assistance for IQ Seven to engage an independent marketing company to research the local and global commercialisation opportunities for the technology.

“During this research, it became increasingly obvious that even though receiving alerts with prioritised recommendations was considered helpful by website managers, most businesses actually wanted expert help to fix the problems,” Richard said.

“Website owners told us that finding reliable trusted experts they could afford to engage was a bigger problem than knowing what needs to be fixed or improved.”

Initially launched as a totally independent advisory company, IQ Seven began to forge closer ties with trusted experts in the local, national and global web and digital marketing industry, including with Gareth Lane of Concise Digital.

“Gareth is a well-known digital marketer and educator. He is the founding director of Concise Digital and was one of the co-founders of IQ Seven,” Richard explained.

In January 2019 IQ Seven formed a partnership alliance with Concise Digital, and in July 2019 Richard Keeves was invited to join the board of Concise Digital.

This followed the successful merger in March 2019 of Concise Digital with Perth ecommerce specialists, Spring Web Solutions.

“Now in February 2020, we have decided to merge the IQ Seven technology into Concise Digital, and look to add it to Concise’s already impressive Client Portal,” said Richard. “It makes perfect sense.”

“The journey with IQ Seven has been very interesting,” added Gareth Lane. “We have all learned a lot, including to always listen to customers and what they really want. Independent market research is so important.

“We started IQ Seven to empower business owners with the tools to do more themselves, but we learned that most business owners actually want experts they can trust to look after their website, ecommerce and digital marketing for them.

“That’s what Concise Digital has been doing for over 15 years. Concise is now growing very quickly, and adding in IQ Seven’s innovative technology to our already powerful back-end systems will give our clients great benefits over time.”

If you would like to learn more about IQ Seven and how you can benefit, please contact us.

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