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Lead Magnets: Technology and Tools

Posted in Business Strategy, Information Technology by Merrian on May 12, 2015

So how do we use technology and software tools to the break down barriers to connecting to prospects? Technology often leads us on a collision course with a brick wall. So how do you avoid the obstacles and use lead magnets ...

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Introducing Amcom Upstart; Venture Capital for Perth Start Ups

Posted in Information Technology, Networking by Gareth on February 17, 2015

Tonight I witnessed one of the rare occasions where little old Perth, WA brushed off its Wait Awhile metaphor with a game changing, industry leading (for Perth anyway) initiative in the world of technology start ups and all thanks to ...

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The Collaborative Economy

Posted in Information Technology, Something Useful by Merrian on December 08, 2014

Deloitte Australia and Google undertook a collaborative research project in the Asia Pacific region and their findings are based on 5,000 people surveyed in the region. What they discovered flouted their expectations and their preconceived notions of who and what ...

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Is your website safe? Probably not.

Posted in Information Technology, Internet Security, Website Hosting by Gareth on November 03, 2014

'Hacked' A success word used by those in secret corners of the internet who enjoy terrorising the small business operator who runs Hardly a word the common business owner uses because while we regularly hear about websites getting hacked, ...

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Concise Digital

Everyone thinks about website design, but what about hosting?

Posted in Information Technology, Internet Security, Website Hosting, Websites Design by Concise Digital on October 05, 2014

I lost a client last week.  It happens.  Thankfully I’m sure it wasn’t caused by anything I did; the business went through a change of ownership, and the new owners brought their own marketing relationships. Their new website went live ...

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