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Ransomware: Traps, Tips and Tools (Concise Webinar)

Concise WebinarSecurity

Ransomware: Traps to Avoid, Tips from Experts and Tools to Help

Date: Thursday December 5, 2019.  11am AWST / 2pm AEDT

This is a ‘MUST ATTEND’ Concise Webinar. Global security expert Roger Grimes joins us from USA together with Australian IT expert Jason Willison. For your security and for the sake of your business, please join us too.

Ransomware is a massive problem, and not just if (or when) you get caught. What do you know about it?

EVERY DAY, businesses in Australia are getting caught and their data is being held hostage for ransom money. Big money. Could it happen to your business? (The answer is YES!)

* Do you know how Ransomware gets onto your computer? How does it penetrate business networks? Do you know how to prevent it?
* Do you know how to AVOID getting caught and held to ransom?
* What if you are caught? What do the experts say to do if your computer data is held hostage?

This Concise Webinar is presented by expert guest presenters Roger Grimes & Jason Willison and your regular hosts, Gareth Lane and Richard Keeves.



* What is Ransomware?
* How Ransomware gets in
* How to avoid getting caught?
* The THREE Regimes you absolutely need
* What to do if you are caught
* Vital Tips for Hostage Rescue
* And more

  • Date and Time

    Thursday, December 5, 2019

    11am AWST/ 2pm AEDT

  • Venue

    Online Webinar

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