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6 Great Reasons to Bulk Update on PrestaShop

6 Great Reasons to Bulk Update on PrestaShop

Posted in E-Commerce by on October 02, 2015
6 Great Reasons to Bulk Update on PrestaShop

Back in July one of my clients called me to ask for an opinion on a Dream Me Up Module. We had no previously experience of these products, so could give no opinion. The client asked if we could integrate these modules with her E-Commerce site and we agreed it was possible. So she agreed to trial the product and give us feedback that we could share with other clients.

Here are the reasons she would recommend this module:

1. She was able to update shipping on 1900 products in two days using new module. Impossibly time consuming before.
2. You can do bulk editing really easily.
3. You can narrow a category by keyword and just edit those. Say, you wanted to edit just cotton bras, or size EE, or brand Elle Macpherson only.
4. You can quickly add reference numbers, Suppliers or Manufacturers.
5. You can quickly edit short descriptions in a given category.
6. You can add weight and dimensions quickly.

The feedback she gave us is that she really loves it and would be happy to recommend it to any of our clients. The cost was around two hours of coding time and the purchase price of the module. She says it was well worth it.



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