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Chong Yee

Let it go – a leadership dilema

Posted in Business Strategy, Motivational, Opinion, Something Useful by Chong Yee on April 14, 2015

What are your strengths? or unique skills? I was contemplating this question during a discussion recently.  It was for a start-up that I am helping to mentor.  The start-up consists of a team of 5 and I asked them to ...

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Concise Digital

Inspiring Others Every Day

Posted in Motivational, Opinion by Concise Digital on February 14, 2015

A year ago, I booked a photo session with a professional photographer so I could get the ubiquitous family photo for our lounge room wall! Instead of a posed glamour shot of everyone styled in matching white, I really wanted ...

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Mindset: what makes a successful business owner?

Posted in Business Strategy, Motivational, Opinion by Merrian on February 13, 2015

Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset So a week ago, I gave a presentation on Mindset and how your mindset impacts on your ability to grow and prosper. The presentation began with a quote from Andrew Carnegie who once said that ...

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