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Incorporating Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Posted in Direct Marketing, Social Media by Tammy on August 22, 2018

Are you using video on your website or social media page as a marketing strategy? In early 2018 reports suggested that marketing videos were going to be a big trend this year for marketing strategies. There are loads of surveys ...

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How does Google Ads work?

Posted in Direct Marketing, Something Useful by Gareth on March 15, 2015

Its a common question and unfortunately many search engine marketing companies neglect to inform you about the inner workings of Google Ads so read on to get a basic understanding of the Adwords system, its core principle and how to get the best ...

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Concise Digital

Facebook as a traffic source vs engagement platform

Posted in Direct Marketing, Social Media by Concise Digital on June 03, 2014

I spoke at length a couple of weeks ago about how Free Engagement on Facebook is dead for businesses running a Facebook page. A lot of business pages see little, to no engagement at all, or the actual percentage of ...

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Concise Digital

What do you mean you have no marketing budget?

Posted in Direct Marketing by Concise Digital on December 04, 2013

It’s something we come up against quite a lot, especially for small businesses. People who set-up small businesses do so out of the love of their particular trade or expertise. But quite often their time is spent managing a whole ...

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Massive EOFY sale!

Posted in Company Announcements, Direct Marketing by Concise Digital on June 06, 2013

PRE-ORDER NOW TO GET A BONUS 15% OFF ANY Concise Digital PRODUCT OR SERVICE At Concise Digital, we like looking after our customers and we thought everyone else is having EOFY stock take sales, why don’t we do a virtual ...

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