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Top 5 Extensions I Can’t Live Without

Top 5 Extensions I Can’t Live Without

Posted in Something Useful by Tammy on March 23, 2018

Most people tend to use Google Chrome as it’s a user friendly and fast web browser. With its many apps and extensions it can help increase your productivity massively. As an avid Google Chrome user I’m going to give you a run through on the Google Chrome extensions I use daily and can’t live without.


If you’re a freelancer or your projects rely on you to keep a time record Toggl is your go to program/app. Once you have your free account set up head over to the App store and download the Toggl extension. This handy little button will pop up on your header and instead of going into the actual program every time to log your time you can actually just click the button and add a description of the task you want to time. In addition if you use Gmail you can also open up an email click on the ‘Start Timer’ within an email instead of typing another task, it will populate it for you. The same goes for Third Party programs/apps like TickTick, Asana, Wunderlist etc. you can start the time directly from your task list once the extension has been added.


Ever browsed the internet and thought I’d love to share that with my followers but didn’t want the hassle of copying the link and then popping into Hootsuite to share it? Well with the extension just click the Owl and a pop up box will appear then just type your message and either send or schedule. Done, it’s that easy.


Because I can be hopeless with passwords and usernames I use LastPass to securely store this information. With the extension I can open my saved sites with their passwords with just a click of a button. If you aren’t logged into Lastpass no one can gain access to your sensitive information.


For me TickTick and Toggl go hand in hand. I can open my task list from the extension bar or right click on it to add a task to my To Do List. Also if I want to transform an email into a task I just need to open my email and click on the ‘Add to TickTick’ button. This will populate the entire email into the description of the task and I just need to add a heading and choose a due date if I want.


Pocket is a must in you want to save and organize links, articles and any content to share with your followers or even if you just want to read later. Never again will you have to go back through your history to try to find that article again, with just a click of a button I can add a site to pocket to action at a later date. You can even add tags to organize your lists better, especially if you have multiple clients that you manage social media for or if you want to keep your Personal interests and Business interests separate.

All the above extensions are free as are the programs that I use. Of course you can upgrade to Pro to get added features but they all come with a free version. I hope this helps with your productivity.

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