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New WordPress Security & Maintenance Release

Posted in Website Hosting by Tammy on January 22, 2018

On the 16th of January WordPress released version 4.9.2 a Security and Maintenance Release. They discovered a vulnerability with the flash fall back files in the library and because in most cases this is no longer needed they have made ...

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The power of using your hosts file

Posted in Networking, Something Useful, Website Hosting by Abilash on October 28, 2015

If you have had a website for quite some time now and moved service providers or servers or installed SSL there are chances you might have seen a 404 error or a page saying your website's IP address has changed. ...

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Why you should not use cheap overseas web hosting?

Posted in Opinion, Website Hosting by Abilash on August 26, 2015

Outsourcing digital data storage National Archives of Australia has published a detailed report on what you should consider when outsourcing digital data storage. To give you a summary, here is a list of consequences you should be aware of when ...

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GHOST Vulnerability is in Australia

Posted in Internet Security, Website Hosting by Abilash on February 11, 2015

Which GHOST are we talking about? GHOST is a security vulnerability named after the actual function which was identified as vulnerable in glibc – gethostbyname(). Qualys identified this vulnerability and published their advisory at CEV-2015-0235. The buffer overflow in the ...

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How do I prevent Domain Name Hijacking

Posted in Business Strategy, Internet Security, Website Hosting by Abilash on February 04, 2015

Domain name and DNS hijacks Domain names  are really the the human-readable Internet addresses of websites, and DNS hijacks simply refer to an unauthorized person gaining access to your domain name at the registry level. Once they have gained access, they ...

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